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Esley E. Davis (M)
d. 14 March 1964

     Esley E. Davis married Amy Ridgeway, daughter of Otha Gilbert Ridgeway and Sara Elizabeth Brown. Esley E. Davis died on 14 March 1964 at Bethesda, Montgomery Co., Maryland.

Esta Davis (F)
b. circa 1872
Pop-up Pedigree

     Esta was born circa 1872. She was the daughter of Bloom P. Davis and Mariah Albert. She married William T. Stormont on 20 December 1892.

Child of Esta Davis and William T. Stormont
Warren W. Stormont+ b. c 1894

Ethel Davis1 (F)

     She married Victor A. Sharpe.


Children of Ethel Davis and Victor A. Sharpe
Bernita Sharpe
Edward Sharpe
Geneva O. Sharpe+ b. 11 Aug 1907, d. 19 Jun 1999


  1. [S40] Dellinger - Hudson Descendacy Report, Linda Varney.

Eva Davis1 (F)

     She married Marcus Alex Aderholdt Jr..

Children of Eva Davis and Marcus Alex Aderholdt Jr.
Eva M. Aderholdt
Mattie Silby Aderholdt


  1. [S122] Descendants of John Teeter Beam, James Beam.

Florence Mabel Davis (F)
b. 19 March 1896, d. 11 December 1981
Pop-up Pedigree

     Florence Mabel Davis was born on 19 March 1896. She was the daughter of John Davis and Henrietta Green. Florence Mabel Davis died on 11 December 1981 at age 85.


Frances Evelyn Davis (F)
b. 26 March 1915

     Frances was born on 26 March 1915. She married Andrew O'Neal McKeown.


Freda Ione Davis (F)
b. 31 March 1901, d. 27 August 1979

     Freda was born at Chandler, Colorado, on 31 March 1901. Denver University, 1920-1922. She married John Theodore Moffett at Trinity Methodist Church, Denver, Denver Co., Colorado, on 5 June 1924. Freda died on 27 August 1979 at St. Petersburg, Pinellas Co., Florida, at age 78. Her body was interred in August 1979 at Clearwater, Pinellas Co., Florida, at Chappell Cemetery.


Garland Davis1 (M)
b. 7 May 1894, d. 12 August 1961
Pop-up Pedigree

     Garland was born on 7 May 1894. He was the son of William D. Davis and Eliza Dellinger. He married Ethel Dietz on 3 January 1920. Garland died on 12 August 1961 at age 67.


  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

George Crawford Davis1 (M)
b. 30 September 1875, d. 28 August 1968
Pop-up Pedigree

     George was born on 30 September 1875. He was the son of James Jefferson Davis and Elizabeth Catherine Candis Bess. He married Dovie Arbella Houser. George died on 28 August 1968 at age 92.


  1. [S122] Descendants of John Teeter Beam, James Beam.

George Ruben Alfred Davis (M)
b. 18 July 1858, d. 13 May 1919

     George was born at Benton Co., Arkansas, on 18 July 1858. He married Matilda Anna Dellinger at Missouri circa 1877. George died on 13 May 1919 at Springfield, Greene Co., Missouri, at age 60.

Children of George Ruben Alfred Davis and Matilda Anna Dellinger
John William Davis b. 25 Jun 1878, d. 2 Dec 1954
Thomas Arthur Davis+ b. 3 Nov 1879
Ellison M. Davis b. 13 Sep 1881, d. 2 Mar 1882
Oscar Davis+ b. 18 Feb 1883, d. 28 Aug 1906
Walter Davis+ b. 28 Oct 1885, d. 16 Dec 1954
Myrtle Davis+ b. 27 Jul 1889
Harry Marshall Davis b. 24 Aug 1896, d. 19 May 1915

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