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My Family Tree - Person Page 1334

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 1334

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Gladys Davis (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Gladys Davis was the daughter of Oscar Davis and Nell (?).


Grace Davis (F)

     Grace Davis married Ernest Wilson.


Child of Grace Davis and Ernest Wilson
Fred Wilson+ b. 6 Jan 1909, d. May 1978

Hannah Davis (F)

     She married Jonathan Heacock at Haverford Meeting, Haverford, Chester Co., Pennsylvania, on 21 October 1783.

Children of Hannah Davis and Jonathan Heacock
Joseph Heacock b. 6 Jun 1784
Martha Heacock+ b. 10 Jan 1786, d. 11 Oct 1867
Jesse D. Heacock b. 24 Nov 1788
Reece Heacock b. 24 Jul 1791
Anna Heacock b. 24 Apr 1794
Mary Heacock b. 22 Feb 1797
Davis Heacock b. 16 Oct 1799
Jonathan Heacock b. 6 Mar 1802
Eli Heacock b. 25 Feb 1805

Hannah Harriet Davis (F)
b. 27 July 1838, d. 1 November 1888

     Hannah Harriet Davis was born on 27 July 1838 at Maury Co., Tennessee. She married William McKinstry, son of John Washington McKinstry and Mary Lowry McQuiston, on 6 November 1871 at Tipton Co., Tennessee. Hannah Harriet Davis died on 1 November 1888 at Drew Co., Arkansas, at age 50.


Child of Hannah Harriet Davis and William McKinstry
Margaret Luella McKinstry b. 16 Dec 1875, d. 29 Sep 1905

Rev. Harry Davis (M)

     He married Ola Edemia Moffatt in 1897.


Harry Marshall Davis (M)
b. 24 August 1896, d. 19 May 1915
Pop-up Pedigree

     Harry Marshall Davis was born on 24 August 1896. He was the son of George Ruben Alfred Davis and Matilda Anna Dellinger. Harry Marshall Davis died on 19 May 1915 at age 18.

Henry John Davis (M)
b. 1855
Pop-up Pedigree

     Henry John Davis was born in 1855. He was the son of John Davis and Hannah Reed.


Hester Ann Davis (F)
b. 1854
Pop-up Pedigree

     Hester was born at White Co., Indiana, in 1854. She was the daughter of Isaac Mason Davis and Sarah A. Mahin.

Hettie J. "Esther" Davis1 (F)
b. April 1855, d. 1929

     Hettie was born in April 1855. She married John Edward Martin in 1886. Her body was interred in 1929 at Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania, at Jacksonville Evangelical Cemetery. Hettie died in 1929.

Children of Hettie J. "Esther" Davis and John Edward Martin
Margaret Ellen Martin+ b. 1885, d. 1970
James Harry Martin b. Dec 1888


  1. [S100] GEDCOM file # 2, Donna Heller Zinn.

Hunter Prugh Davis (M)
b. 13 May 1913
Pop-up Pedigree

     Hunter was born on 13 May 1913. He was the son of Samuel Hunter Davis and Marie Jeanette Boyd Prugh.


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