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John W. Davis (M)
b. 1852
Pop-up Pedigree

     John was born in 1852. He was the son of Isaac Mason Davis and Sarah A. Mahin.

John William Davis (M)
b. 25 June 1878, d. 2 December 1954
Pop-up Pedigree

     John William Davis was born on 25 June 1878 at Missouri. He was the son of George Ruben Alfred Davis and Matilda Anna Dellinger. John William Davis married Eula (?). John William Davis died on 2 December 1954 at age 76.


Jonathan Calvin Davis (M)

     He married Martina Jane Simonton at Tipton Co., Tennessee, on 13 September 1854.


Joseph Ware Davis (M)
b. 1828, d. 1879
Pop-up Pedigree

     Joseph Ware Davis married Nancy Minerva Janes, daughter of George Janes and Hannah Reed. Joseph Ware Davis was born in 1828. He was the son of John Davis and Mary Elizabeth "Isabella" Newland. Joseph Ware Davis died in 1879.


Child of Joseph Ware Davis
John R. Davis+ b. 1867, d. 7 Jan 1947

Josiah Davis (M)
b. 9 May 1767, d. 8 October 1832

     Josiah Davis was born on 9 May 1767 at Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. He married Sophia Jackson, daughter of John Jackson and Elizabeth Cummins, before 1785 at Howard's Lick, Hampshire Co., Virginia; Josiah and Sophia were married in what is now Harrison Co., West Virginia. Josiah Davis died on 8 October 1832 at Lewis Co., Virginia, at age 65; Josiah died in what is now Upshur Co., West Virginia.


Children of Josiah Davis and Sophia Jackson
Mary Davis+ b. 22 Jan 1787, d. 27 Feb 1808
Sarah Davis b. 1795, d. 1839

Josiah Davis (M)
b. 1819
Pop-up Pedigree

     Josiah Davis was born in 1819. He was the son of John Davis and Mary Elizabeth "Isabella" Newland.


Julia Davis (F)
b. 28 August 1888, d. 8 July 1973

     Julia Davis was born on 28 August 1888. She married Cosky M. Dellinger, son of David Alphonso Dellinger and Rachel Rose Patterson, on 22 March 1907 at Lincoln Co., North Carolina. Julia Davis died on 8 July 1973 at Salisbury, Rowan Co., North Carolina, at age 84.

Children of Julia Davis and Cosky M. Dellinger
Donna Martha Estelle Dellinger+ b. 4 Dec 1907, d. 23 Dec 1987
James McDowell Dellinger b. 7 Jan 1911, d. 15 Jan 1989

Kathleen Davis (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Kathleen Davis was the daughter of Thomas Arthur Davis and Anna Hux.


Lanson Davis1,2 (M)
b. 2 April 1882, d. 26 November 1969

     Lanson Davis was born on 2 April 1882. He married Minnie Bertrix Loughmiller at Brazil, Clay Co., Indiana, on 22 November 1901. Lanson Davis died on 26 November 1969 at Ukiah, Mendocino Co., California, at age 87.


Children of Lanson Davis and Minnie Bertrix Loughmiller
Abbie Laura Davis b. 29 Oct 1903, d. 17 Sep 1977
Lorena Gertrude Davis+ b. 14 Sep 1904, d. 1 Aug 1976
Margaret Floyd Davis+ b. 12 Sep 1906, d. 1 Oct 1986
James William Davis b. 22 Sep 1908, d. 17 Feb 1979
Chester Lanson Davis+ b. 5 Dec 1910, d. 26 Feb 1976


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Laura Davis1 (F)
b. 1 November 1881
Pop-up Pedigree

     Laura was born on 1 November 1881. She was the daughter of William D. Davis and Eliza Dellinger. She married Sidney Jefferson Bolch on 9 February 1902.

Children of Laura Davis and Sidney Jefferson Bolch
Hazel Lillian Bolch+ b. 17 Apr 1903
Flora Leona Bolch b. 20 Sep
Adrian Davis Bolch+ b. 9 Apr 1908
Sidney Jefferson Bolch+ b. 4 Jan 1912
Harry William Bolch+ b. 1 Mar 1914
Netta Delores Bolch+ b. 11 Aug 1917
Ralph Edmond Bolch+ b. 28 Feb 1919


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