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Mary Ann Davis1 (F)
b. 1830

     Mary was born in 1830. She married Alfred Thomas Whitener.

Children of Mary Ann Davis and Alfred Thomas Whitener
Albert T. Whitener b. 1847
Joseph E. Whitener b. 1849
Daniel A. Whitener b. 1853
Margaret Mc. Whitener b. 1854
Alfred D. Whitener b. 1856
James M. Whitener b. 1858
William A. Whitener b. 1860


  1. [S120] Whitener & Dellinger.

Mary Ann Davis (F)
b. December 1838, d. after 1920

     Mary Ann Davis was born in December 1838 at Marion, Missouri. She married Libbeus Thaddeus Ebenezer Dilliner, son of Albert Gallatin Dilliner and Margaret Beatty, on 10 April 1857. Mary Ann Davis died after 1920.


Children of Mary Ann Davis and Libbeus Thaddeus Ebenezer Dilliner
Rosa May Dilliner
Charles Dilliner
A. David Dilliner
Emma Lois Dilliner+ b. 8 Mar 1864, d. 28 Feb 1932

Mary Forney Davis1 (F)
b. 29 April 1884
Pop-up Pedigree

     She married Arthur Bolch. She married Lee Kanupp. Mary was born on 29 April 1884. She was the daughter of William D. Davis and Eliza Dellinger.


Children of Mary Forney Davis and Lee Kanupp
Sadie Kanupp
Charles Hughes Kanupp+

Child of Mary Forney Davis and Arthur Bolch
Cecil Bolch+


  1. [S9] Jorg Philipp Dellinger, Wayne Kuntze.

Mary Louisa Davis (F)
b. 14 August 1852, d. 23 October 1932
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary was born at Ohio on 14 August 1852. She was the daughter of David Davis and Susanna (?). She married Henry Franklin Shigley at Greene Co., Ohio, on 1 February 1872. Mary died on 23 October 1932 at age 80. Her body was interred in October 1932 at Jamestown, Greene Co., Ohio, at Jamestown Cemetery.


Children of Mary Louisa Davis and Henry Franklin Shigley
Andrew Elmer Shigley+ b. 23 Dec 1872, d. 19 Jan 1930
Henry Franklin Shigley+ b. 9 Apr 1878, d. 1957

Mary M. Davis (F)
b. 1804

     Mary M. Davis was born in 1804. She married Israel Shuford, son of Jacob Shuford and Mary Blair, on 25 October 1825.

Children of Mary M. Davis and Israel Shuford
Daniel Pinkney Shuford b. 1835
Peter M. Shuford b. 1838
Philip Shuford b. 1840
Solomon Shuford b. 1844
Henry Shuford b. 1847

Mary R. Davis (F)
b. 3 December 1851, d. 11 April 1915
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary was born at Clinton Co., Pennsylvania, on 3 December 1851. She was the daughter of Jackson Davis and Elizabeth Gaffey. She married Daniel Simpson on 10 February 1875. Mary died on 11 April 1915 at Jefferson Twp., Washington Co., Indiana, at age 63. She was buried in April 1915 at Highland Friends Cemetery, Washington Twp., Washington Co., Indiana.


Child of Mary R. Davis and Daniel Simpson
Fred Simpson+ b. 8 Apr 1881, d. 23 Apr 1959

Melissa Davis (F)

     She married Robert Gruwell.


Mildred Eldora Davis (F)
b. 30 May 1901, d. 2 April 1982
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mildred Eldora Davis was born on 30 May 1901. She was the daughter of John Davis and Henrietta Green. Mildred Eldora Davis died on 2 April 1982 at age 80.


Milwee Davis (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Milwee Davis was the daughter of A. Jefferson Davis and Frances Jane McCaslan. She married James Calvin Hemphill at Greenwood, Greenwood Co., South Carolina, in August 1919.

Myrtle Davis (F)
b. 27 July 1889
Pop-up Pedigree

     Myrtle Davis was born on 27 July 1889. She was the daughter of George Ruben Alfred Davis and Matilda Anna Dellinger. Myrtle Davis married Manny Bernard.


Children of Myrtle Davis and Manny Bernard
Earl Bernard
John Gentry Bernard
Thelma Arlene Bernard
Frances Lura Bernard
Manny Bernard Jr.
Charles William Bernard

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