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Nellie Davis (F)

     Nellie Davis married George William Elkins, son of Henry Harrison Elkins and Sarah Elizabeth Vincent, circa 1941.

Nellie Blanche Davis (F)
b. 30 April 1879, d. 1 June 1903
Pop-up Pedigree

     Nellie Blanche Davis was born on 30 April 1879. She was the daughter of John Davis and Henrietta Green. Nellie Blanche Davis died on 1 June 1903 at age 24.


Netta Alta Davis1 (F)
b. 20 October 1889
Pop-up Pedigree

     She married Thurmond A. Davis. Netta was born on 20 October 1889. She was the daughter of William D. Davis and Eliza Dellinger.


  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Nettie E. Davis (F)

     She married Arthur James Moffatt.


Child of Nettie E. Davis and Arthur James Moffatt
Stanley Davis Moffatt b. 11 Jun 1907

Nora Gertrude Davis (F)

     She married Harry Ellsworth Zimmerman.


Child of Nora Gertrude Davis and Harry Ellsworth Zimmerman
Harold F. Zimmerman+ b. 12 Oct 1909

Oscar Davis (M)
b. 18 February 1883, d. 28 August 1906
Pop-up Pedigree

     Oscar Davis was born on 18 February 1883 at Missouri. He was the son of George Ruben Alfred Davis and Matilda Anna Dellinger. Oscar Davis married Nell (?) at Missouri. Oscar Davis died on 28 August 1906 at age 23.


Children of Oscar Davis and Nell (?)
Dwight Davis
Gladys Davis

Perry Davis (M)

     He married Anna Rathfon. Lived in Forrest, Indiana.


Peter B. Davis (M)
b. 1839, d. 1921
Pop-up Pedigree

     Peter B. Davis was born in 1839. He was the son of John Davis and Mary Elizabeth "Isabella" Newland. Peter B. Davis married Mary E. Cantwell. Peter B. Davis died in 1921.


Philip H. Davis (M)
b. 20 March 1825, d. April 1902
Pop-up Pedigree

     Philip H. Davis was born on 20 March 1825 at Champaign Co., Ohio. He was the son of John Davis and Mary Elizabeth "Isabella" Newland. Philip H. Davis married Phoebe Jane Shigley, daughter of William Lord Shigley and Cynthia Ann Simpson, on 20 June 1847 at White Co., Indiana. Philip H. Davis died in April 1902 at Brookston, White Co., Indiana, at age 77. He was buried on 26 April 1902 at Brookston Cemetery, Prairie Twp., White Co., Indiana.

Phoebe Davis (F)
b. 1778, d. 24 February 1835

     Phoebe Davis was born in 1778. She married Leonard Stump, son of John Stump and Mary Magdalene Brake. Phoebe Davis died on 24 February 1835 at Muskingum Co., Ohio. She was buried in February 1835 at Stump-Tanner Cemetery, Muskingum Co., Ohio.


Children of Phoebe Davis and Leonard Stump
John Reager Stump b. 1798
James Leonard Stump b. 1800
Jackson Stump b. 1802
Mary M. Stump b. 1804
Ruth Stump b. 1806
William Stump b. 1808
Elizabeth Stump b. 1811
Phoebe Stump b. 1814

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