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Raymond M. Davis Jr.1 (M)
b. 26 November 1912, d. 7 June 1961

     Raymond was born on 26 November 1912. Raymond died on 7 June 1961 at age 48.


  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Roy E. Davis (M)

     Roy E. Davis married America Frances Stipp, daughter of Samuel Stipp and Barbara Davis.


Ruth Frances Davis (F)
b. 1900, d. 1993
Pop-up Pedigree

     Ruth Frances Davis was born in 1900. She was the daughter of John R. Davis and Lily May Reed. Ruth Frances Davis married Mack Armon Williams on 22 October 1922 at Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., Texas. Ruth Frances Davis died in 1993.


Samuel Davis (M)

     Samuel Davis married Matilda Miller, daughter of John W. Miller and Sarah Ann Dellinger.


Samuel E. Davis (M)

     Samuel E. Davis married Amy Stroup, daughter of Benjamin Franklin Stroup and Elizabeth "Betsy" Sarah Roach.


Child of Samuel E. Davis and Amy Stroup
Elizabeth Sarah Davis+ b. 1871, d. 1942

Samuel Hunter Davis (M)
b. 20 September 1890, d. 30 May 1949

     Samuel was born on 20 September 1890. He married Marie Jeanette Boyd Prugh on 14 August 1912. Samuel died on 30 May 1949 at age 58.

Child of Samuel Hunter Davis and Marie Jeanette Boyd Prugh
Hunter Prugh Davis+ b. 13 May 1913

Samuel S. Davis (M)
b. 12 June 1865, d. 10 June 1922

     Samuel was born at Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia, on 12 June 1865. He married Maud Ross at Yavapai Co., Arizona, on 25 December 1894. Samuel died on 10 June 1922 at Prescott, Yavapai Co., Arizona, at age 56.


Child of Samuel S. Davis and Maud Ross
Jefferson Davis b. 25 Apr 1898, d. 13 Jun 1979

Sarah Davis (F)

     She married Henry Spangler.


Children of Sarah Davis and Henry Spangler
Ida Spangler+
Laura Spangler+
Clara Spangler+
Orrin G. Spangler
Willis A. Spangler
Lula Spangler

Sarah Davis (F)
b. 1795, d. 1839
Pop-up Pedigree

     Sarah Davis was born in 1795. She was the daughter of Josiah Davis and Sophia Jackson. Sarah Davis died in 1839.

Sarah E. Davis (F)

     Sarah E. Davis married James G. Henry, son of Samuel Chestnut Henry and Mary Elizabeth Fullerton, on 25 December 1906.


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