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Rachel Dean (F)

     Rachel Dean married Columbus B. Morrison, son of David Morrison and Helen Shreve, on 24 August 1871 at Upshur Co., West Virginia.


Sarah Dean (F)
d. before 1875
Pop-up Pedigree

     Sarah Dean was the daughter of John Dean and Lucy Mays. She married Daniel Chesnut on 19 May 1842. Sarah died before 1875.


Children of Sarah Dean and Daniel Chesnut
Rachael Chesnut b. 15 May 1843
Henrietta Chesnut b. 12 Jul 1844, d. 4 Dec 1913
Hannah Chesnut b. 22 Dec 1845, d. 24 Dec 1846
John William Chesnut b. 27 Jun 1847, d. 6 Mar 1917
David Smith Chesnut b. 2 Jan 1849, d. 8 Nov 1905
Lucy Ann Chesnut b. 22 Oct 1850, d. 18 Nov 1900
Alexander O. Chesnut b. 12 Nov 1852, d. 3 Nov 1891
James L. Chesnut b. 12 Oct 1854
Minerva J. Chesnut b. 15 Feb 1857, d. 1892

Sarah L.V. Dean1 (F)
b. 15 June 1867, d. 21 March 1909

     Sarah was born on 15 June 1867. She married Peter F. Williams on 4 May 1885. Sarah died on 21 March 1909 at age 41.

Children of Sarah L.V. Dean and Peter F. Williams
Luther Williams b. Apr 1886, d. Jul 1964
Bertie Williams+ b. May 1888
Bessie Williams b. Mar 1891
John Wesley Williams+ b. 30 Sep 1893, d. Apr 1980
William M. Williams b. 1898
Alonzo Franklin Williams+ b. 6 Mar 1902
Laura Williams b. 1907


  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Thelma Rose Dean (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     She married Boyd Ross. Thelma was born. She was the daughter of Thomas W. Dean and Nancy Tennesse Williams.

Thomas W. Dean1 (M)
b. 19 June 1869, d. 19 March 1935

     Thomas was born on 19 June 1869. He married Nancy Tennesse Williams on 23 March 1893. Thomas died on 19 March 1935 at age 65. His body was interred in March 1935 at Fannin Co., Georgia, at Flint Hill Cemetery.

Children of Thomas W. Dean and Nancy Tennesse Williams
Elizabeth Dean+ b. 1894, d. 8 Jan 1977
Belle Dean
Martha Dean
Callie Dean
Lon Dean
Thelma Rose Dean


  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

William Dean1 (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     William Dean was the son of James F. Dean and Nebraska Williams.



  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Lucinda Deardorf (F)
d. 21 April 1901

     She married Jacob Prugh on 28 May 1845. Lucinda died on 21 April 1901.


Children of Lucinda Deardorf and Jacob Prugh
Winfred Prugh
Alice Prugh+
Lyman Prugh
Julian Kinsey Prugh+ b. 20 Aug 1881, d. 23 Dec 1931

Maria Deardorf (F)
b. 1813

     Maria Deardorf was born in 1813. She married John W. Buckwalter on 19 March 1835 at Trinity Lutheran Church, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania.


Child of Maria Deardorf and John W. Buckwalter
Christian Deardorf Buckwalter+ b. 6 Jan 1839, d. 1920

(?) Deardorff (M)

     (?) Deardorff married Emma Chronister, daughter of John Chronister and Mary Schuuck.


Cleason Deardorff (M)

     Cleason Deardorff married Ellen Quickel.


Child of Cleason Deardorff and Ellen Quickel
Nellie E. Deardorff b. 11 Aug 1899, d. 14 Apr 1980

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