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W. H. Deatrick (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     W. H. Deatrick was the son of Michael Deatrick. Lived in Plainville, Adams Co., Pennsylvania.


William Deatrick Rev. (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     William Deatrick Rev. was the son of Nicholas Deatick. He married an unknown person . Doctor of Divinity. Entered Marshall College in 1844 and graduated in 1848. Studied theology at the Theological Seminary, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania and entered the ministry of the German Reformed Church in 1852. Lived in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania.


Children of William Deatrick Rev.
William Wilberforce Deatrick Rev.
E. Rauson Deatrick
Anna M. Deatrick

William Wilberforce Deatrick Rev. (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     William Wilberforce Deatrick Rev. was the son of William Deatrick Rev.. Professor at Keystone State Normal School, Kutztown, Pennsylvania.


Isaac T. Deavers1 (M)
b. 24 October 1895

     Isaac was born on 24 October 1895. He married Minnie V. Rinker.


  1. [S81] Rinker - Dellinger, Eleanor Rinker Migliore.

Lillie M. Deavers (F)
b. 13 November 1911

     Lillie M. Deavers was born on 13 November 1911 at Page Co., Virginia. She married John Henry Elkins, son of Henry Harrison Elkins and Sarah Elizabeth Vincent, on 6 August 1932 at Front Royal, Warren Co., Virginia.

Louis Debethune (M)

     Louis Debethune married Edna Horton.


Anna DeBolt (F)

     She married Charles Worstell at Carroll Co., Indiana, on 10 December 1902.


Children of Anna DeBolt and Charles Worstell
Nathan Worstell
Robert Ellsworth Worstell
Sarah Margart Worstell b. 1913

Adam Deck1,2 (M)

     He married Mary Costner circa 1795.


  1. [S28] Dellinger Genealogy, Paul H. Dellinger.
  2. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Anna Catharina Deck (F)

     Anna Catharina Deck married Johannes Voltz, son of Johan Jacob Voltz and Christina Schroettlin, in 1720 at Broetzingen, Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Anna Catharina Deck married Johann Philip Voltz in 1735 at Grossgartach, Necker, Baden-Württemberg, Germany; After the death of Johannes Voltz, Anna Catharina married Johannes' first cousin, Johann Philip Voltz.


Child of Anna Catharina Deck and Johannes Voltz
Johann Martin Voltz+ b. 24 Oct 1721, d. Feb 1782

Elizabeth Deck (F)

     She married Eli Seitz on 22 June 1845.


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