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Margaret (?) (F)

     Margaret (?) married Mathias Wilkins, son of Godfrey Wilkins.


Margaret (?) (F)

     Margaret (?) married David Hottel, son of Johan Georg Hottel, in 1778 at Shenandoah Co., Virginia.


Child of Margaret (?) and David Hottel
John Conrad Hottel+ b. 22 Dec 1779

Margaret (?) (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Margaret (?) was the daughter of 3rd High Steward of Scotland Walter Steward and Bethoc (?). Margaret (?) married 2nd Earl of Carrick Niall (?).

Child of Margaret (?) and 2nd Earl of Carrick Niall (?)
Countess of Carrick Marjorie (?)+ d. 1292

Margaret A. (?) (F)
b. circa 1806

     Margaret was born at South Carolina circa 1806. She married Robert Harbison. Margaret was probably a free white female, age 20 and under 30, in Robert Harbison's household, on the 1840 Census at Monroe Co., Indiana. Margaret was listed as a household member living with Robert Harbison on the 1850 Census at Bloomington Twp., Monroe Co., Indiana.


Children of Margaret A. (?) and Robert Harbison
Catherine Ann Harbison+ b. 7 May 1828, d. 10 Oct 1853
Lucinda Harbison+ b. c 1832
Matthew Henry Harbison+ b. c 1833
Robert L. Harbison b. c 1836
Mary J. Harbison b. c 1838
William P. Harbison b. c 1841
James Mc. Harbison b. c 1844
Esther E. Harbison b. c 1847

Margaret A. (?) (F)
b. 11 October 1857, d. 18 May 1888

     She married John M. Chassels. Margaret was born on 11 October 1857. Margaret died on 18 May 1888 at Marissa, St. Clair Co., Illlinois, at age 30.

Child of Margaret A. (?) and John M. Chassels
William Chassels+ d. 4 Jul 1922

Margaret A. (?) (F)
b. 6 December 1842, d. 20 January 1909

     She married Thomas K. Gaston. Her body was interred at Salem, Marion Co., Illinois. BURIED: Walnut Hill Cemetery. Margaret was born on 6 December 1842. Margaret died on 20 January 1909 at age 66.

Children of Margaret A. (?) and Thomas K. Gaston
Ellis Gaston d. 10 Jan 1872
Charles C. Gaston b. c 1867, d. 1939
Edgar Gaston b. 13 Jan 1872, d. 23 Jun 1872

Margaret A. (?)1 (F)
b. circa 1824

     Margaret A. (?) was born circa 1824 at Ohio. She married David Mauk, son of Jacob Mauk and Rebecca Weaver, before 1848.


Children of Margaret A. (?) and David Mauk
Minerva Mauk b. c 1848
Amanda Mauk b. c 1850


  1. [S170] Frederick Mauck of Frederick Co., VA, online.

Margaret Ann (?) (F)
b. 1 June 1840, d. 6 March 1912

     Margaret Ann (?) was born on 1 June 1840. She married Harrison Gohn, son of John Gohn and Sarah Lambert. Margaret Ann (?) died on 6 March 1912 at age 71.


Children of Margaret Ann (?) and Harrison Gohn
Ida Belle Gohn b. 1863
Lizzie Keturah Gohn b. 1870
William Gohn b. 11 May 1875, d. 14 Sep 1875
Mary Jane Gohn b. 1882

Margaret B. (?)1 (F)

     She married Samuel Druck.


Child of Margaret B. (?) and Samuel Druck
David D. Druck+ b. 9 Sep 1861, d. 7 Sep 1888


  1. [S53] Dellinger - Kattermann, Donald F. Billet.

Margaret E. (?) (F)
b. circa 1898

     Margaret E. (?) was born circa 1898 at Pennsylvania. She married Mervin S. Dietz, son of David A. Dietz and Lydia Sentz, circa 1921.


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