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Mary (?)1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 (F)
b. 7 August 1695

     Also called Martha. I have two marriage dates, about 1715 and about 1739.

Kathy Sullivan of Charlotte, North Carolina, advises that Philip's third wife was named Mary but her maiden name has not been established as Tankersley. She says she has spent quite a few years trying to squelch that "fact." The idea comes originally from a book of Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina deed abstracts. The abstract is not quite correct; Mary signed her name with a mark. The deed was from Philipp and Mary Dellinger to William Tankersley. The Clerk who copied the deed into the deed book made everyone's name as Tankersley, he later corrected his mistake but the abstract does not indicate the correction. Relying just on the abstract, someone published a history stating her name as Tankersley; and so it has grown from there. Anyone who sees the original deed would understand that her name has not been established as Tankersley. Mary's maiden name may or may not turn out to be Tankersley, but until further evidence comes to light one cannot establish it as such. Mary was born at Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, on 7 August 1695. She married Johannes Philipp Dellinger after 1750.


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Mary (?) (F)
b. 11 March 1278
Pop-up Pedigree

     Nun at Amesbury. Mary was born on 11 March 1278. She was the daughter of King of England Edward I "Longshanks" (?) and Countess de Ponthieu Eleanor of Castile (?).

Mary (?) (F)

     She married John Blain.


Child of Mary (?) and John Blain
Isabella Blain+

Mary (?) (F)
b. 20 April 1789, d. 21 November 1861

     Mary was born at Pennsylvania on 20 April 1789. She married Jacob Myers at Pennsylvania before 1817. Mary died on 21 November 1861 at age 72. Her body was interred in November 1861 at Jamestown, Greene Co., Ohio, at Jamestown Cemetery.


Child of Mary (?) and Jacob Myers
Mary Myers+ b. 21 Nov 1817, d. 6 Nov 1907

Mary (?)1 (F)
b. circa 1732

     Various sources have given Mary's last name as Kalmerer or Kaemerer, however according to Sandra Yelton, who has done research on both the Dellinger and Helsley families, Mary's maiden name is not known. Mary was born at Germany circa 1732. She married George Jacob Helsley at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania, on 12 September 1765.

Children of Mary (?) and George Jacob Helsley
Henry Helsley
George Jacob Helsley b. 10 Aug 1756, d. 15 Apr 1833
Dorothy Helsley+ b. 1765, d. 1848
Peter Helsley+ b. c 1766, d. 9 May 1854
Sabilla Helsley+ b. c 1768, d. 10 Oct 1813
Barbara Helsley b. c 1777
Catherine Helsley b. c 1778


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Mary (?) (F)
d. 1804

     Mary was born at York Co., Pennsylvania. She died in 1804 at Windsor Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Mary (?) and Johann Nikolaus Keller
John Keller
Mary Keller
Margaret Keller
Samuel Keller+ b. 16 Apr 1776, d. 31 Aug 1863
Christian Keller+ d. 1817

Mary (?)1 (F)

     She married Jacob Critz.


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Mary (?)1 (F)

     She married Marvin Willis.



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Mary (?) (F)

     She married George Link.


Mary (?)1 (F)
b. 22 January 1812, d. 5 August 1898

     Mary was born at York Co., Pennsylvania, on 22 January 1812. She married Johanes "John" Leibhart at York Co., Pennsylvania, circa 1828. Mary was listed as a household member living with Johanes "John" Leibhart in the 1860 Census at Loran, Stephenson Co., Illinois. Mary died on 5 August 1898 at Freeport, Stephenson Co., Illinois, at age 86. She was buried in August 1898 at Leibhart Cemetery, Loran Twp., Stephenson Co., Illinois.

Children of Mary (?) and Johanes "John" Leibhart
Maggie Leibhart b. c 1829
Lena Leibhart b. 1837
William Leibhart b. 1839
Maria "Erin" Leibhart b. 1841
Benjamin Leibhart b. 1844
Lucinda Leibhart b. 1847
John H. Leibhart b. 10 Oct 1854, d. 4 Mar 1866
Charles Leibhart b. 1857
Emma Leibhart b. Feb 1860
Rebecca Leibhart b. 6 Aug 1863, d. 6 Aug 1863
Florence Leibhart b. 1864


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