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My Family Tree - Person Page 166

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 166

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Mary (?) (F)

     Mary (?) married Peter Dodson.


Child of Mary (?) and Peter Dodson
Jacob Dodson+ b. 6 Jul 1788, d. Nov 1871

Mary (?) (F)
d. 15 May 1806

     Mary (?) married Jacob Rinker, son of Colonel Jacob Rinker and Mary Keller. Mary (?) died on 15 May 1806.

Mary (?) (F)
b. 1814

     Mary (?) was born in 1814. She married Hurain Dellinger.

Children of Mary (?) and Hurain Dellinger
John J. Dellinger+ b. 1840
Julia A. Dellinger b. 1842
Eliza Dellinger b. 1845
David Dellinger b. 1848
Cary Dellinger b. 1851
Charlotte Dellinger b. 1854
Nancy Dellinger b. 1856
Albert Dellinger b. 1858

Mary (?) (F)

     Mary (?) married Thomas Lambert Jr., son of Thomas Lambert and Margaret Routh.


Child of Mary (?) and Thomas Lambert Jr.
David Lambert

Mary (?) (F)

     Mary (?) married Jonathan Wynn, son of Warner Wynn and Mary Abraham.


Mary (?)1 (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary (?) was the daughter of Reinallt (?) and Lowry (?). Mary (?) married Robert Lloyd, son of David Lloyd and Amnesta (?).


Children of Mary (?) and Robert Lloyd
Robert Lloyd+
Thomas Lloyd+ b. bt 1515 - 1520, d. May 1612


  1. [S175] Howard William Lloyd, Lloyd Manscripts by Howard William Lloyd, published in 1896..

Mary (?) (F)
b. 10 October 1344
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary (?) was born on 10 October 1344. She was the daughter of King of England Edward III (?) and Phillippa of Hainault (?).


Mary (?) (F)

     Mary (?) married George Gohn, son of George Gohn and Maria Magdalena Dietz.


Children of Mary (?) and George Gohn
Rebecca Gohn b. 12 Jul 1832
Margaret Ann Gohn b. 28 Mar 1834
George Gohn+ b. 28 Mar 1834, d. Oct 1906

Mary (?) (F)
b. circa 1854

     Mary (?) was born circa 1854. She married Nathaniel Billet, son of Jacob Billet and Leah Abel.


Children of Mary (?) and Nathaniel Billet
William Billet
Rosie Billet
Luther W. Billet b. c 1871, d. 29 Jul 1944
Jacob E. Billet+ b. 17 May 1875, d. 7 Nov 1958
Alfred H. Billet b. c 1877, d. 29 Aug 1940

Mary (?) (F)

     Mary (?) married Wilton Billet, son of Israel Franklin Billet and Margaret Webel.


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