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Mary Jane (?) (F)
b. 14 February 1822, d. 22 May 1853

     She married Francis P. Ingram. Her body was interred at Chester Co., South Carolina. BURIED: Cedar Shoals Cemetery. Mary was born on 14 February 1822. Mary died on 22 May 1853 at age 31.

Child of Mary Jane (?) and Francis P. Ingram
Sarah J. Ingram+ b. c 1844

Mary K. M. (?) (F)
b. 23 July 1817, d. 28 October 1841

     She married William Alexander Rosborough. Her body was interred at Chester Co., South Carolina. BURIED: Fishing Creek Cemetery. Mary was born on 23 July 1817. Mary died on 28 October 1841 at age 24.

Child of Mary K. M. (?) and William Alexander Rosborough
James Alexander Rosborough+ b. 1836, d. 31 Mar 1906

Mary M. (?) (F)

     She married John Johnston.


Child of Mary M. (?) and John Johnston
Margaret Johnston+

Mary M. (?)1 (F)
b. circa 1805

     Mary was born at Greene Co., Tennessee, circa 1805. She married Joseph Lonas.

Children of Mary M. (?) and Joseph Lonas
Cecil Lonas b. c 1832
Joanah Lonas b. c 1834
William Lonas b. c 1839
Heronisni Lonas b. c 1843
Margaret E. Lonas b. c 1846


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Mary M. (?) (F)
b. circa 1898, d. 9 July 1966

     Mary M. (?) was born circa 1898. She married Chauncey Monroe Coffelt, son of George F. Coffelt and Lydia Virginia Jennie Hottel. Mary M. (?) died on 9 July 1966 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio.

Child of Mary M. (?) and Chauncey Monroe Coffelt
Jack Coffelt b. 15 Jan 1928, d. 20 Jul 1991

Mary M. (?) (F)

     Mary M. (?) married Solomon Harper.


Child of Mary M. (?) and Solomon Harper
Martha Harper b. c 1838

Mary Magdalena (?) (F)

     Mary Magdalena (?) married Nicholas Borden.


Child of Mary Magdalena (?) and Nicholas Borden
Rachel Borden

Mary Magdalena "Modlena" (?)1,2,3 (F)
b. before 1733, d. after January 1791

     Mary was born before 1733. She married Frederick Mauck at Germany before 1751. She married Jacob Stearly at Virginia on 23 October 1781. She bought property at Frederick Co., Virginia, on 21 January 1791. Mary died after January 1791.


Children of Mary Magdalena "Modlena" (?) and Frederick Mauck
Matthias Mauck+ b. c 1751, d. 22 Jul 1802
Frederick Mauck Jr.+ b. 1763, d. b 1788
Michael Mauck+ b. c 1765, d. 21 Apr 1830
Barbara Mauck b. 1768


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Mary Mahala (?) (F)

     Mary Mahala (?) married Jacob R. Shigley, son of Frederick Shigley and Tamer Bailey, circa 1851.


Children of Mary Mahala (?) and Jacob R. Shigley
Agnes Shigley
Mathew Jefferson Shigley
Columbus Shigley
Alonzo Shigley
Arminda Shigley
George Washington Shigley
Henry Leon Shigley+

Mary Margaret (?)1 (F)

     She married (?) Boyer.

Child of Mary Margaret (?) and (?) Boyer
Maria Catherine Boyer+ b. 11 May 1734, d. 15 Oct 1829


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