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Maud of Saxony (?) (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Maud of Saxony (?) was the daughter of Duke of Saxony & Bavaria Henry (?) V and Matilda (?).


Maude (?) (F)

     She married Fred M. Prugh.


Child of Maude (?) and Fred M. Prugh
John William Prugh+

Maude (?) (F)
b. 17 January 1905, d. 11 September 1994

     Maude (?) was born on 17 January 1905. She married Frank S. Martin, son of James Luther Martin and Anna Juliet Stipp, on 30 November 1944. Maude (?) died on 11 September 1994 at age 89.


Maude L. (?) (F)
b. September 1879

     Maude L. (?) was born in September 1879. She married Horace Milton Nicodemus, son of Isaac Nicodemus and Sarah Jane Ginn.


Maude S. (?) (F)
b. 1874, d. 1966

     Maude S. (?) was born in 1874. She married William Henry Wylie, son of John Harper Wylie and Catherine Nancy Voss. Maude S. (?) was buried in 1966 at Rose Hill Cemetery, Bloomington, Monroe Co., Indiana. She died in 1966 at Bloomington, Monroe Co., Indiana.


Child of Maude S. (?) and William Henry Wylie
Catherine Wylie+

Maudeline (?) (F)

     She married Adam Leightner.


Children of Maudeline (?) and Adam Leightner
Nathaniel Leightner+
George Leightner+

Maudlin (?) (F)

     She married Adam Lightner.


Child of Maudlin (?) and Adam Lightner
Nathaniel Lightner+

Earl of Corbeil Mauger (?) (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Earl of Corbeil Mauger (?) was the son of Duke of Normandy Richard I the Fearless of Normandy (?) and Gunnor of Crêpon (?).

Maurice (?)1 (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Maurice (?) was the son of Gerald (?).


Child of Maurice (?)
Thomas (?)+


  1. [S175] Howard William Lloyd, Lloyd Manscripts by Howard William Lloyd, published in 1896..

Maurine (?) (F)

     She married Frank E. Chenoweth.


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