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Ellen Dendy (F)
b. 18 May 1897, d. 22 June 1949

     Ellen was born at South Carolina on 18 May 1897. She married Erskine Moore Betts. Ellen died on 22 June 1949 at South Carolina at age 52.


William Denges (M)

     William Denges married Rachel Coffman, daughter of George John Kauffman and Dorothea Christina Dellinger, on 20 March 1823.


George Denhart (M)

     George Denhart married Lura Almeda Spencer, daughter of James Whitney Spencer and Melinda Jane Franklin.


Mary Denlinger (F)

     She married Jacob Hockman.

Child of Mary Denlinger and Jacob Hockman
Elizabeth Hockman b. 1758, d. 1836

Ruth Denman1 (F)

     She married D.D.S. Oscar D. Dellinger.


  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Al Denney (M)

     Al Denney married Kay Franklin, daughter of Charles Warren Franklin and Ethel Barrier.


Nora Navada Denney (F)

     Nora Navada Denney married William Powell, son of Sylvanus Alonzo Powell and Mary Wright.


Child of Nora Navada Denney and William Powell
(?) Powell+

Bernard Dennis (M)

     Bernard Dennis married Edna Reger, daughter of John Thomas Reger and Mary Catherine Curry.


Charles Dennis (M)

     He married Sarah Morgan.


Clementine Lee Dennis (F)

     Clementine Lee Dennis married Arthur Henry Moffett, son of Henry F. Moffett and Malinda (?).


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