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Nevada (?) (F)

     She married Thomas M. McDaniel.


Child of Nevada (?) and Thomas M. McDaniel
Joseph Wilks McDaniel b. 14 Jul 1941, d. 21 Feb 1942

2nd Earl of Carrick Niall (?) (M)

     2nd Earl of Carrick Niall (?) married Margaret (?), daughter of 3rd High Steward of Scotland Walter Steward and Bethoc (?).

Child of 2nd Earl of Carrick Niall (?) and Margaret (?)
Countess of Carrick Marjorie (?)+ d. 1292

Nicholas (?) (M)
b. 17 January 1240
Pop-up Pedigree

     Nicholas (?) was born on 17 January 1240. He was the son of Earl of Cornwall Richard (?) and Lady Isabella Marshal.


Nora (?) (F)

     She married Daniel Lynch. Nora was born at Ireland.


Child of Nora (?) and Daniel Lynch
Daniel L. Lynch+ b. 1900

Oda (?) (F)

     Oda (?) married Hermann Billung.


Child of Oda (?) and Hermann Billung
Duke of Saxony Bernard I (?)+ b. c 950, d. 9 Feb 1011

Oda Suevian (?) (F)

     She married Bodegeisel (?) II.


Child of Oda Suevian (?) and Bodegeisel (?) II
Bishop of Metz Arnulf (?)+ b. 13 Aug 582, d. 16 Aug 640

Count of Amiens Odo (?) (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Count of Amiens Odo (?) was the son of Count of Vermandois Herbert II (?) and Adela (?).


Duke of Burgundy Odo (?) (M)
b. circa 945
Pop-up Pedigree

     Duke of Burgundy Odo (?) was born circa 945. He was the son of Hugh Capet.


Olga (?) (F)

     Olga (?) married Frank S. Martin, son of James Luther Martin and Anna Juliet Stipp.


Child of Olga (?) and Frank S. Martin
Paul Martin b. 4 Jul 1918, d. 23 Jan 1996

Olga of Kiev (?) (F)
b. circa 890, d. 1 July 969

     Olga of Kiev (?) married Grand Prince of Kiev Igor (?). Olga of Kiev (?) was born circa 890. She died on 1 July 969.


Child of Olga of Kiev (?) and Grand Prince of Kiev Igor (?)
Sviatoslav of Kiev (?) I+ b. c 942, d. Mar 972

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