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John Doellinger (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     John Doellinger was the son of Johann Leonhardt Doellinger and Elizabeth Schwarzkopf.


Alma Doffner (F)

     Alma Doffner married Albert Roy Bishop, son of Alburtus Ray Bishop and Rachel Irene Badger, on 1 February 1927 at Nebraska.


John Doggett (M)

     John Doggett married Frances A. Shuford, daughter of Philip Shuford and Anna Catherine Abernethy, on 19 January 1835.


Sarah Doggett1,2 (F)
b. 13 April 1913, d. October 1993

     Sarah was born at Rutherford Co., North Carolina, on 13 April 1913. She married Ray William Wiseman. Sarah died in October 1993 at Avery Co., North Carolina, at age 80.


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Johanna Doherty (F)
b. circa 1832

     Johanna Doherty was born circa 1832 at Ohio. She married Henry Nicodemus, son of Philip Nicodemus and Nancy Supinger.


Child of Johanna Doherty and Henry Nicodemus
Clara Jane Nicodemus

Melton C. Doherty1 (M)

     He married Ethel Agnes Spangler on 22 July 1929.


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Eleanor Dolby (F)
b. 1653, d. 10 July 1708

     Eleanor was born at Harby, Harborough, Leicestershire, England, in 1653. She married John Smith at Harby, Harborough, Leicestershire, England, on 4 March 1679. Eleanor died on 10 July 1708 at Darby, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania. Her body was interred in July 1708 at Pennsylvania.


Children of Eleanor Dolby and John Smith
Elizabeth Smith b. 5 Jan 1680, d. 11 Oct 1697
William Smith b. 16 Feb 1682, d. 29 Aug 1716
Mary Smith b. 1 Sep 1686
Sarah Smith+ b. 30 May 1689, d. 24 May 1778
Martha Smith+ b. 3 May 1692, d. 4 Feb 1745

Robert Dole1 (M)

     He married Edra Leota Idle on 2 July 1934. Robert was divorced from Edra Leota Idle.



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Augustus Doll (M)

     He married Sarah Spangler.


Catherine Doll1 (F)
b. circa 1822

     Catherine was born at Virginia circa 1822. She married Georg Wilhelm Vetter.

Children of Catherine Doll and Georg Wilhelm Vetter
Milton Vetter b. c 1849
Aaron Vetter b. 1854


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