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Rev. James Donald (M)

     Rev. James Donald married Margaret Strong. Rev. James Donald was land contract in 1855 at Dane Co., Wisconsin; In 1855, James Donald settled on farm in Dale Co., Wisconsin.


Child of Rev. James Donald and Margaret Strong
(?) Donald+

John Sweet Donald (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     John Sweet Donald was the son of (?) Donald. John Sweet Donald married Vona DeCrow.


Child of John Sweet Donald and Vona DeCrow
Delma Donald+ b. 2 Jun 1899, d. 8 Nov 2001

Lizzie Donald (F)

     She married Frank Dunshee Moffatt in 1886.


Child of Lizzie Donald and Frank Dunshee Moffatt
Frank Everest Moffatt b. 22 Jun 1890

John H. Donaldson (M)
b. 1904, d. 1953

     John was born in 1904. He married Mildred Powell on 16 February 1928. John died in 1953.

Martha Donaldson (F)

     She married Richard Gladney Chesnut circa 1850.

Children of Martha Donaldson and Richard Gladney Chesnut
C.E. Chesnut
W.A. Chesnut
Elizabeth Gladney Chesnut b. 1851

Nettie Donaldson Dr. (F)

     Was a Missionary to Hsu Chowfu, China for the Presbyterian Church. She married Mark Brown Grier in 1894.


Children of Nettie Donaldson Dr. and Mark Brown Grier
Lucy H. Grier
Elizabeth Grier
Donald Grier b. 1895
Isabella Grier b. 1903

Robert Donaldson (M)

     He married Susan Gaston. From New York.


Caswell Donica (M)

     His body was interred at Lawrence Co., Indiana. BURIED: Pritchett Cemetery. He married Henrietta Thatcher.

Child of Caswell Donica and Henrietta Thatcher
James Harvey Donica+ b. 22 Oct 1834, d. 18 Jan 1911

Henrietta A. Donica (F)
b. May 1880
Pop-up Pedigree

     Henrietta was born at Flynn Twp., Lawrence Co., Indiana, in May 1880. She was the daughter of James Harvey Donica and Naomi Trogdon. She married Rollo Norman.


James Franklin Donica (M)
b. 1874
Pop-up Pedigree

     He married Lulu Dilley. James was born at Lawrence Co., Indiana, in 1874. He was the son of James Harvey Donica and Naomi Trogdon.


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