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Parvie (?) (F)

     She married Otho (Otto) (?).


Child of Parvie (?) and Otho (Otto) (?)
Herbert (?) IV+ b. c 1032, d. c 1080

Patsey (?) (F)
b. circa 1780

     She married John Wylie. CENSUS: Listed with her son-in-law, Samuel Martin and her daughter Melinda Wylie in the 1850 South Carolina census, age 70. Patsey was born at South Carolina circa 1780.

Child of Patsey (?) and John Wylie
Melinda Wylie+ b. 5 Oct 1807, d. 29 Sep 1895

Paul (?) (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Paul (?) was the son of Catherine Lemon. Edward W. Spangler lists his last name as Lemon.


Pauline (?) (F)

     Pauline (?) married John Raymond Dellinger, son of John C. Dellinger and Maria Jane Stine.


Child of Pauline (?) and John Raymond Dellinger
Ethel Dellinger

Pearl (?)1 (F)

     She married Walter Charlie Faulkner.


  1. [S111] Henry J. Dellinger, William Dwight Faulkner.

Pearl (?) (F)
d. 19 March 1920

     Pearl (?) married El Roy Curry, son of John Jefferson Curry and Sarah Agnes Harbison. Pearl (?) died on 19 March 1920.


Peggy (?)1 (F)

     She married Jacob Kintigh.


Child of Peggy (?) and Jacob Kintigh
Cyrus Kintigh+ b. 31 Aug 1833, d. 17 Apr 1900


  1. [S59] Descendants of Henry Dellinger, Thomas John Dellinger.

Peggy (?) (F)

     Peggy (?) married James Cauldwell, son of James Cauldwell and Mary Gaston.


Pepin (?) (M)
b. 817, d. after 840
Pop-up Pedigree

     Count of Senlis, Peronne and St. Quentin. He married an unknown person . Pepin (?) was born in 817. He was the son of Bernard (?) and Cunigunde (?). Pepin died after 840.


Children of Pepin (?)
Count of Senlis Hubert I (?)+ b. c 840, d. c 902
Count Pippin (?) b. 845
Count Bernard (?) b. 845

Pepin I (?) King of Italy (M)
b. April 773, d. 8 July 810
Pop-up Pedigree

     Known as Pepin I of Italy, King of Italy. King of Lombaroy 781 - 810 King of the Langobardians. He married Bertha (?). Pepin was born in April 773. He was the son of Charlemagne (?) King of Franks and Hildegarde (?). Pepin died on 8 July 810 at Milan, Italy, at age 37.


Child of Pepin I (?) King of Italy and Bertha (?)
Bernard (?)+ b. c 797, d. 17 Apr 818

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