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Count Pippin (?) (M)
b. 845
Pop-up Pedigree

     Count Pippin (?) was born in 845. He was the son of Pepin (?).

Plectrud (?) (F)

     Plectrud (?) married Pepin II d'Heristal of Austrasia, son of Ansgise (Ansegisel) (?) Duke and Saint Begga (?).


Children of Plectrud (?) and Pepin II d'Heristal of Austrasia
Duke of Champagne Drogo (?)
Mayor of Austrasia Grimoald (?) II

Polly (?)1 (F)

     She married Thomas Wilson.

Child of Polly (?) and Thomas Wilson
Samuel Wilson+ b. 15 Mar 1822, d. 18 Jul 1901


  1. [S50] Don & Jeanine Hartman, FamilyHart Web Page.

Polly (?) (F)

     Polly (?) married John Kaufman.


Child of Polly (?) and John Kaufman
David Kaufman

Poppa (?) (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Poppa (?) was the daughter of Beregar of Neustria (?) II. Poppa (?) married Rollo (?).


Children of Poppa (?) and Duke of Normandy Robert of Norway Ragnvaldsson
Count of Corbeil Robert (?)
Crespina (?)
Gerletta (?)
Kathlin (?)

Child of Poppa (?) and Rollo (?)
William of Normandy (?) I+ b. 893, d. 17 Dec 942

Poppo of Grapfeld (?) I (M)


Child of Poppo of Grapfeld (?) I
Henry of Franconia (?)+ d. 886

Pricella (?) (F)

     She married Timothy Gruwell.


Priscilla (?) (F)
b. circa 1859

     Priscilla (?) was born circa 1859 at Pennsylvania. She married (?) Jacobs. Priscilla was listed as the head of a family on the 1920 Census at Decatur, Macon Co., Illinois.


Children of Priscilla (?) and (?) Jacobs
Cora P. Jacobs+ b. c 1882
Elmer W. Jacobs b. c 1885

R. Ann (?) (F)

     She married Albert Powell.


Children of R. Ann (?) and Albert Powell
Albert Clarkson Powell+ b. 1835, d. 1864
Alexander Powell b. 1837
Esau Powell b. 1840
Elmira Powell b. 1843, d. a 1912
Henrietta Powell b. 1845
Zephanniah Powell b. 1848
Hannah M. Powell b. 1850

Rachel (?) (F)

     She married Herschel Stevens.


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