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Wyatt Clyde Earp1 (M)
b. 25 August 1875
Pop-up Pedigree

     Wyatt was born at Kansas on 25 August 1875. He was the son of Newton Jasper Earp and Nancy Jane Adam.


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John Hillery Eason (M)

     He married Thurgah "Thursie" Shigley at Grayson Co., Texas, circa 1900.


Alma Mabel East (F)
b. 1 October 1873, d. 10 October 1963

     Alma was born on 1 October 1873. She married Jesse Wood Mitchell. Alma died on 10 October 1963 at age 90.


Children of Alma Mabel East and Jesse Wood Mitchell
John Russell Mitchell b. 22 Mar 1897
Ruby Vivian Mitchell+ b. 30 Mar 1899
Julia Mitchell+ b. 9 Aug 1904
Robert Bentley Mitchell+ b. 20 Sep 1907
Mary Mitchell b. 29 Sep 1911
Dorothy Alice Mitchell+ b. 29 Nov 1914
William Albert Mitchell+ b. 30 Dec 1916

Louise East (F)

     She married James Earl Strong.


Child of Louise East and James Earl Strong
John Webb Strong

Susan Eastburn1 (F)

     She married James Abraham.


Child of Susan Eastburn and James Abraham
Martha M. Abraham+


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Ethel Eastem (F)
b. 21 May 1913, d. 6 June 1974

     Ethel Eastem was born on 21 May 1913. She married William Isaac Scott, son of Charley Wesley Scott and Rachel Clapman, on 16 February 1928. Ethel Eastem died on 6 June 1974 at age 61.


Child of Ethel Eastem and William Isaac Scott
Charles Scott+ b. 24 Feb 1936, d. 25 Dec 1965

Anna Eastep1 (F)

     She married Jonathan Baker.

Child of Anna Eastep and Jonathan Baker
Elizabeth Baker+ b. 26 May 1856, d. 13 Mar 1913


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(?) Easter1 (M)

     (?) Easter married May Ianthis Loughmiller, daughter of John Loughmiller and Anna Laura Hoback.



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Annie Eastham (F)

     Annie Eastham married Frank Lewin.


Child of Annie Eastham and Frank Lewin
Mattie C. Lewin+ b. 24 Feb 1886, d. 11 May 1956

Rebecca Ann Eastlack (F)
b. 30 January 1776, d. 1811
Pop-up Pedigree

     Rebecca was born at Gloucester Co., New Jersey, on 30 January 1776. She was the daughter of William Eastlack and Mary Diane Shute. She married Jacob Spicer Horner in 1798. Rebecca died in 1811.


Children of Rebecca Ann Eastlack and Jacob Spicer Horner
William E. Horner+ b. 1 Dec 1798, d. 2 Dec 1872
George Horner+ b. 7 Feb 1801, d. 20 Feb 1871
John B. Horner+ b. 6 Nov 1804, d. 27 Jan 1847
Samuel Horner+ b. 3 Oct 1807, d. 8 Apr 1886
Mary Elizabeth Horner+ b. 3 Apr 1811, d. 23 Jul 1883

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