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Nann E. Eicholtz (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Nann E. Eicholtz was the daughter of John F. Eicholtz and Margaret Trostle. Nann E. Eicholtz married Monroe J. Dellinger, son of Michael G. Dellinger and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Glatfelter; Wedding announcement from an unknown newspaper:

"Couple Married

Miss Nan E. Eicholtz, 312 North Stratton street, Gettysburg, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John F. Eicholtz, and Monroe J. Dellinger, Gettysburg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dellinger, Red Lion, were united in marriage Thursday evening at 6:45 o'clock in Grace Lutheran church, Westminster. Rev. J. Hess Belt, pastor, performed the ring ceremony. They were unattended.

The couple returned to Gettysburg on Sunday after a trip to the South over the Skyline drive. They will reside at the bride's home. Dr. Dellinger is a foreman at the Gettysburg Furniture company plant. His bride is bookkeeper at the Strausbaugh planing mill in Gettsyburg." Nann E. Eicholtz was New Tag Obituary from an undated newspaper:

"Mrs. Monroe J. Dellinger

GETTYSBURG, Aug 2 - Mrs. Nann Eicholtz Dellinger, wife of Monroe J. Dellinger died at 9 o'clock Sunday night at her home here. Death was caused by a complication of diseases and followed an illness of two weeks. The deceased was a daughter of the late John F. and Margaret Trostle Eicholtz. She leaves her husband and three sisters, Miss Vinnie Eicholtz and Miss Edna Eicholtz, both at home and Mrs. Lester Craley, Red Lion. Funeral services will be held on Wednesday at 2 p.m. at the Bender funeral home. The Rev. Ralph Green, pastor of St. James' Lutheran church, will officiate. Burial will be in the Evergreen cemetery."

She was buried at Evergreen Cemetery, Gettysburg, Adams Co., Pennsylvania.


Nicolas Eidesheim (M)
b. 7 March 1812

     Nicolas Eidesheim was born on 7 March 1812 at Dieding, Moselle, Lorraine, France. He married Marguerite Metzger, daughter of Jean Metzger and Anne Marie Dehlinger, on 17 November 1835 at Kalhausen, Moselle, Lorraine, France.


Joseph Eidson (M)

     He married Hannah (?).

Child of Joseph Eidson and Hannah (?)
Sarah Ann Eidson+ b. 25 Nov 1831, d. 15 Jan 1911

O. C. J. Eidson (M)

     He married Monnie May Moffatt in 1928.


Sarah Ann Eidson (F)
b. 25 November 1831, d. 15 January 1911
Pop-up Pedigree

     Sarah was born at Iredell Co., North Carolina, on 25 November 1831. She was the daughter of Joseph Eidson and Hannah (?). She married Samuel Shutt Mauk at Hocking Co., Ohio, on 16 March 1852. Sarah died on 15 January 1911 at Hocking Co., Ohio, at age 79. Her body was interred in January 1911 at Logan, Hocking Co., Ohio, at Oak Grove Cemetery.

Children of Sarah Ann Eidson and Samuel Shutt Mauk
George Washington Mauk+ b. 27 Sep 1853
Joseph B. Mauk b. 14 Mar 1856, d. 23 Oct 1859
Mary Jane Mauk+ b. 14 Mar 1858, d. 25 Sep 1924
John L. Mauk+ b. 30 Sep 1860, d. 14 Jun 1943
Julie S. Mauk b. 1861
Samuel Ellsworth Mauk b. 3 Jun 1863, d. 13 Mar 1927
Martha Ellen Mauk+ b. 3 Jun 1865, d. 11 Aug 1937
Cynthia Ann Mauk+ b. 7 Sep 1867, d. 10 Nov 1945
William James Mauk+ b. 12 Jun 1870, d. 6 Jun 1938
Laura L. Mauk+ b. 15 Jul 1874, d. 10 Jan 1964
Clara Bell Mauk+ b. 19 Apr 1880, d. 24 Nov 1951

Herman G. Eikenberry (M)
b. 11 March 1918, d. 25 July 1972

     Herman was born on 11 March 1918. Herman died on 25 July 1972 at age 54.

Anna May Eimer (F)

     She married Vivian O. Boggs.


Child of Anna May Eimer and Vivian O. Boggs
Leland Boggs

Emma Einsig (F)

     Emma Einsig married Curtis Kleiman.


Child of Emma Einsig and Curtis Kleiman
Kathryn Kleiman+ b. 1887, d. Aug 1976

(?) Eisenhart (M)

     (?) Eisenhart married Anna Hilt, daughter of Nettie G. (?).


(?) Eisenhart (M)

     (?) Eisenhart married Catharine R. Rutter, daughter of George D. Rutter and Ida V. Ebert.


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