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Leila Bruton Emmons (F)
b. 21 September 1917, d. 20 July 1988
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     BURIED: Parkview Cemetery. Leila was born at Popular Plaines, Fleming Co., Kentucky, on 21 September 1917. She was the daughter of Carl Nave Emmons and Elizabeth Florence Tincher. Leila died on 20 July 1988 at Marion, Grant Co., Indiana, at age 70. Her body was interred on 23 July 1988 at Alexandria, Madison Co., Indiana.

Obadiah Emmons (M)
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     Obadiah Emmons was the son of Thomas Emmons and Martha (?).


Thomas Emmons (M)
d. 11 May 1664

     Thomas Emmons was born at England. He married Martha (?) in 1635. Thomas Emmons died on 11 May 1664 at Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.


Children of Thomas Emmons and Martha (?)
Obadiah Emmons
Elizabeth Emmons+ b. 1640

Marjorie Ruth Emory (F)
b. 4 April 1922, d. 16 February 1956

     Marjorie Ruth Emory was born on 4 April 1922 at Danville, Vermilion Co., Illinois. She married Harrison Frederick Lahr, son of Eli David Lahr and Zelda Ferne Henderson, on 15 September 1944 at Lincoln, Logan Co., Illinois. Marjorie Ruth Emory died on 16 February 1956 at age 33. She was buried in February 1956 at Park Hill Cemetery, Bloomington, McLean Co., Illinois.


Charles Emswiler (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Charles Emswiler was the son of Jacob Imschwiller. Lived in York, Pennsylvania.


Michael Emswiler (M)
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     Michael Emswiler was the son of Jacob Imschwiller. Lived in Altoona, Pennsylvania.


Bertie L. Emswiller1 (F)
b. 19 October 1868, d. 23 June 1914

     Bertie L. Emswiller was born on 19 October 1868. She married James Franklin Dellinger, son of Samuel H. Dellinger and Sevilla Dellinger. Bertie L. Emswiller died on 23 June 1914 at age 45.

Children of Bertie L. Emswiller and James Franklin Dellinger
Beulah Dellinger b. 10 Apr 1896, d. 15 Apr 1974
Orvis Ray Dellinger b. 7 May 1898, d. 11 Feb 1976
James Edward Dellinger b. 15 Jan 1901, d. 17 Sep 1976


  1. [S172] Dorris Ellen Dellinger Gibson, "Re: Dellinger's without parents: revisited," e-mail to Roger Alan Dellinger, 19 Feb 2001.

Henry Emswiller (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Henry Emswiller was the son of Jacob Imschwiller. Lived in York Co., Pennsylvania.


Mary Magdaline Emswiller (F)
b. 1 June 1785, d. 1 May 1868

     Mary Magdaline Emswiller was born on 1 June 1785 at Germany. She married Martin Luther Foltz, son of Joshua Foltz and Dorothea Christina Dellinger, on 24 January 1812 at Woodstock, Shenandoah Co., Virginia. Mary Magdaline Emswiller died on 1 May 1868 at Augusta, Hampshire Co., West Virginia, at age 82. She was buried on 4 May 1868 at Foltz Cemetery, Hampshire Co., West Virginia.


Children of Mary Magdaline Emswiller and Martin Luther Foltz
Samuel Foltz b. 28 Dec 1812, d. 2 Sep 1888
Rubin Foltz b. 10 Apr 1814
Levi Foltz+ b. 5 Oct 1815, d. 21 Jan 1895
Catherine Foltz b. 13 Mar 1817, d. 23 Dec 1901
John Foltz b. 3 May 1818, d. 21 Sep 1849
Barberry Foltz b. 3 Sep 1819, d. 13 May 1899
Anna Foltz b. 20 Nov 1820, d. 7 Apr 1905
Jacob Foltz b. 12 Feb 1822, d. 26 May 1886
William H. Foltz b. 21 Apr 1824, d. 14 Jan 1897
Benjamin Foltz b. 30 Aug 1825, d. 5 May 1903

Anna Barbara Endres1,2,3 (F)
b. 8 October 1726, d. 30 November 1728
Pop-up Pedigree

     Anna was born at Oberacker, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, on 8 October 1726. She was the daughter of Johann Michael Endres and Blandina Margaretha Dellinger. Anna died on 30 November 1728 at Oberacker, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, at age 2.



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  2. [S53] Dellinger - Kattermann, Donald F. Billet.
  3. [S162] Unknown compiler.

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