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My Family Tree - Person Page 2022

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 2022

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John Enny (M)

     He married Leah Wolf.


Children of John Enny and Leah Wolf
George Enny
Thomas Enny
John H. Enny

John H. Enny (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     John H. Enny was the son of John Enny and Leah Wolf. John died at Virginia.


Thomas Enny (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Thomas Enny was the son of John Enny and Leah Wolf. Lived in Illinois.


Martha Ensey (F)
b. 24 April 1791, d. 27 January 1872

     Martha was born at Maryland on 24 April 1791. She married Abner Prugh. Martha was listed as a household member living with Abner Prugh in the 1860 Census at Ohio. Martha died on 27 January 1872 at Ohio at age 80. Her body was interred in January 1872 at Kettering, Montgomery Co., Ohio, at David's Cemetery.


Children of Martha Ensey and Abner Prugh
Elizabeth Prugh b. 11 Mar 1819, d. 20 May 1906
Levi Prugh+ b. 24 Aug 1820, d. 21 Apr 1904
Sarah Ann Prugh b. 27 Apr 1822, d. 27 Oct 1907
Rachel Prugh b. 15 Oct 1823, d. 1860
Mary Ann Prugh b. 15 May 1825
John Prugh+ b. 9 Jan 1827, d. 1860
Abner Prugh Jr.+ b. 2 Jan 1829, d. 20 Dec 1912
Abram Prugh+ b. 30 Aug 1830, d. 30 Aug 1910
Nathan Prugh b. 15 Apr 1832
Martha Prugh b. 15 Sep 1834, d. 1918
Lydia Prugh b. 30 Aug 1837

Melinda Ensley (F)

     Melinda Ensley married William Parham.


Child of Melinda Ensley and William Parham
Arrie Mae Parham+ b. 5 Sep 1881, d. 26 Jul 1939

Christina Ensminger (F)

     Christina Ensminger married John Trimmer.


Child of Christina Ensminger and John Trimmer
Elizabeth Ensminger Trimmer+ b. 15 Oct 1777, d. 24 Jun 1851

Veoda Enyeart (F)
b. 10 September 1907

     Veoda Enyeart was born on 10 September 1907. She married Henry Harold Parsons, son of Jesse W. Parsons and Josie M. Mohler, on 28 September 1929.


Elizabeth Eotuos (F)
b. 1886, d. 1962

     She married Ference Czap. Elizabeth was born at Hungary in 1886. Elizabeth died in 1962 at Duquesne, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania.

Child of Elizabeth Eotuos and Ference Czap
Mary Elizabeth Czap+ b. 31 Jan 1912, d. 14 Jul 1957

Lucile Ephriam (F)

     She married Ernest B. Moffatt in 1923.


(?) Epley (M)

     (?) Epley married Hattie "Reba" Smith, daughter of Emanuel Spangler Smith and Clara V. Lentz.


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