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Jacob Eppley (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Jacob Eppley was the son of George Eppley and Julia Ann Spangler. Moved west.


Levi Eppley (M)
d. before 1896

     He married Barbara Ellen Ruth. Levi died before 1896.

Barbara Erb (F)
b. 23 May 1662

     Barbara Erb was born on 23 May 1662. She married Georg Keller on 26 November 1695.


Children of Barbara Erb and Georg Keller
Christoff Keller b. 16 May 1697, d. 26 May 1702
Anna Keller b. 28 Feb 1698
Elsbeth Keller b. 16 May 1701, d. 31 May 1702
Hans Jacob Keller+ b. 14 Nov 1706, d. 10 Mar 1794
Hans Heinrich Keller b. 14 Nov 1706

Peter Erb (M)

     He married Judith Spangler.


Catharina Erberlin (F)
b. 1788

     Catharina Erberlin was born in 1788. She married Johann Friedrich Benneter, son of Johann Eberhard Benneter and Johanna Christina Meyer, on 15 July 1810 at Durlach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Catharina Erberlin died at Durlach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.


William Erhart (M)
b. circa 1825

     He married Leah Strickler. William was born circa 1825.

Charlotte Erisman (F)

     She married Augustus D. Spangler in 1864.


Children of Charlotte Erisman and Augustus D. Spangler
Roy Spangler
Charles E. Spangler
George A. Spangler
Bertha Spangler
Emma N. Spangler

Edward Erisman (M)

     Edward Erisman married Ann Hall, daughter of (?) Hall and Mary Dellinger.


Elizabeth Erizer (F)
b. 19 March 1859, d. 3 May 1936

     Elizabeth Erizer was born on 19 March 1859. She married Pasevant Miller, son of Augustus Ernest Charles Miller and Elizabeth Jane Goan, on 9 February 1880. Elizabeth Erizer died on 3 May 1936 at Dickson, Dickson Co., Tennessee, at age 77.


Celia Erney1,2 (F)

     She married W. H. Sitler at York Co., Pennsylvania, in 1878.


Children of Celia Erney and W. H. Sitler
Mabel O. Sitler
Horace J. Sitler


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