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David Evans (M)

     He married Anna Long. Superintedent of Water Works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Donna Evans (F)
b. circa 1882
Pop-up Pedigree

     Donna Evans was born circa 1882 at Ohio. She was the daughter of John A. Evans and Effie Prugh.


Dorothea Evans (F)

     Dorothea Evans married Evan Lloyd, son of Thomas Lloyd and Catherine (?).


Eleanor Evans1,2,3 (F)

     Eleanor was born at Wales. She married George Bechtol.


Children of Eleanor Evans and George Bechtol
Nathan Bechtol+ b. 1807, d. 5 Mar 1892
Adam Bechtol+ b. 3 Nov 1809, d. 31 Jan 1887
Ezra D. Bechtol b. 1813, d. 25 Jul 1863
Rebecca Bechtol+ b. 13 Jun 1815, d. 7 Dec 1893


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Eliza Evans (F)
b. 16 December 1812, d. 13 May 1875

     Eliza Evans was born on 16 December 1812. She married George Poff, son of Frederick Pfaff and Anna Margaretha Abel. Eliza Evans died on 13 May 1875 at York Co., Pennsylvania, at age 62.


Children of Eliza Evans and George Poff
Sally Poff b. 2 Jan 1837
Rebecca Poff b. 1840, d. 1848
Susan Poff b. 11 Feb 1841, d. 5 Feb 1878
Frederick Poff+ b. 5 Mar 1843, d. 4 Nov 1886
Juliann Poff b. 21 Nov 1846, d. 1851
George Poff+ b. 26 Dec 1852, d. 29 Jan 1929

Elizabeth Evans1,2 (F)

     She married Vincent Dellinger on 18 January 1947.



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Elizabeth Williams Evans1 (F)

     She married Isaac Grace.

Child of Elizabeth Williams Evans and Isaac Grace
John William Grace+ b. 12 May 1860, d. 11 Mar 1952


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Elmer Evans (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Elmer Evans was the son of Michael Evans and Leah Dellinger.


Esther Evans (F)
d. before 24 March 1824

     She married Abraham Chesnut at Greene Co., Tennessee, on 13 May 1801. Esther died before 24 March 1824.

Children of Esther Evans and Abraham Chesnut
John Chesnut+ b. 12 Feb 1805, d. 31 May 1878
Evan Chesnut+ b. 21 Jul 1808, d. 21 Mar 1855
Andrew Campbell Chesnut+ b. 12 May 1820

George Richard Evans (M)
b. 26 February 1927, d. February 1987
Pop-up Pedigree

     George was born at Tipton, Tipton Co., Indiana, on 26 February 1927. He was the son of Rex Evans and Mildred Hartley. George died in February 1987 at Minnesota. His body was interred in February 1987 at Minnesota.


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