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My Family Tree - Person Page 206

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 206

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Duke of Neustria Robert the Strong (?) (M)
d. 866

     Duke of Neustria Robert the Strong (?) died in 866.


Children of Duke of Neustria Robert the Strong (?)
King of France Eudes (?) b. 856, d. 898
King of France Robert (?) I+ d. 15 Jun 923

Robin (?) (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Robin (?) was the son of Maredydd (?).


Child of Robin (?)
Angharad (?)+

Rogneda of Polotsk (?) (F)
b. 962, d. 1002
Pop-up Pedigree

     Rogneda of Polotsk (?) married Grand Prince of Kiev Vladmir I of Kiev (?), son of Sviatoslav of Kiev (?) I and Malusha (?). Rogneda of Polotsk (?) was born in 962. She was the daughter of Ragnald Olafsson. Rogneda of Polotsk (?) died in 1002.


Child of Rogneda of Polotsk (?) and Grand Prince of Kiev Vladmir I of Kiev (?)
Grand Prince of Novgorod and Kiev Yaroslav (?) I+ b. c 978, d. 20 Feb 1054

Rollo (?) (M)
b. circa 860, d. circa 932

     Rollo (?) married Poppa (?), daughter of Beregar of Neustria (?) II. Rollo (?) was born circa 860. He died circa 932.


Child of Rollo (?) and Poppa (?)
William of Normandy (?) I+ b. 893, d. 17 Dec 942

Rosa (?) (F)
b. circa 1811

     She married an unknown person . CENSUS: Listed with her son-in-law, William Newton Gaston, in the 1880 South Carolina census, age 69. Rosa was born at South Carolina circa 1811.

Child of Rosa (?)
Mary McCullough Baskin+ b. 29 Jul 1839, d. 27 Jan 1913

Rose (?) (F)

     She married Charles Gaddis Shigley.


Child of Rose (?) and Charles Gaddis Shigley
William Paul Shigley

Rose (?) (F)

     She married John Knox Patterson.


Rosina (?)1 (F)

     She married George Spengler.

Child of Rosina (?) and George Spengler
George Michael Spengler+


  1. [S95] Spangler Family Genealogy, Fillmore K. Spangler III.

Rosina (?) (F)

     Rosina (?) married Sebastian Keller, son of Hans Jacob Keller and Elsbeth Imhoff.


Ross (?) (M)

     Ross (?) married Margaret Wylie, daughter of William Wylie and Sarah Dunn.


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