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My Family Tree - Person Page 2091

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 2091

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Urraca Fernández (F)
d. 1007
Pop-up Pedigree

     Urraca Fernández was the daughter of Count of Castile Ferdinand González and Sancha (?). Urraca Fernández married King of Pamplona & Count of Aragon Sancho Garcés Abarca II, son of King of Pamplona García Sánchez III. Urraca Fernández died in 1007.


Child of Urraca Fernández and King of Pamplona & Count of Aragon Sancho Garcés Abarca II
King of Pamplona & Count of Aragon Garcia Sanchez IV+ d. 1000

Count of Gastinois Geoffrey Ferole (M)

     Count of Gastinois Geoffrey Ferole married Ermengard of Anjou (?), daughter of Count of Anjou Fulk III the Black (?).


Children of Count of Gastinois Geoffrey Ferole and Ermengard of Anjou (?)
Count of Anjou Fulk IV the Rude (?)+ d. 14 Apr 1106
Count of Anjou Geoffrey III the Bearded (?)

Andrew Ferree1 (M)

     He married Rosina Glattfelder.

Child of Andrew Ferree and Rosina Glattfelder
Susannah Forry+ b. 4 Nov 1823, d. 14 Jan 1905


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Andrew Ferree (M)
d. before 1739

     Andrew Ferree married Anna Maria Lerue, daughter of Jonas Lerue Sr.. Andrew Ferree died before 1739.


Child of Andrew Ferree and Anna Maria Lerue
Elisabetha Ferree+ b. c 1723

Elisabetha Ferree (F)
b. circa 1723
Pop-up Pedigree

     Elisabetha Ferree was born circa 1723. She was the daughter of Andrew Ferree and Anna Maria Lerue. Elisabetha Ferree married Johannes Volkman.


Children of Elisabetha Ferree and Johannes Volkman
Catherina Margaretha Volkman b. 9 Nov 1739
Elisabeth Ferry b. 3 May 1740

Frank Ferree (M)

     Frank Ferree married (?) Barshinger, daughter of (?) Barshinger.


John P. Ferree (M)

     John P. Ferree married Mary Anne Stump.


Child of John P. Ferree and Mary Anne Stump
Violet Ruth Ferree+ b. 5 Mar 1908, d. 30 Sep 2000

Liza Ferree (F)

     Liza Ferree married John Darone.


Child of Liza Ferree and John Darone
Ellen Mary Darone+ b. 1862, d. 12 Apr 1941

Lydia Ferree (F)
b. circa 1837

     Lydia Ferree was born circa 1837 at Pennsylvania. She married Joseph Dietz, son of Peter Dietz and Susanna Tyson. Lydia was listed as a household member living with Joseph Dietz in the 1860 Census at Hellam Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Lydia Ferree and Joseph Dietz
Susan Dietz b. c 1859
Alice Dietz b. c May 1860
Clayton Dietz+ b. c 1862
Moses Dietz b. c 1865
Ida Dietz b. c 1868
Ephraim Dietz+ b. c 1870

Mary Ferree1,2,3 (F)
b. 1812

     Mary was born in 1812. She married Jacob Shultz in 1833.


Children of Mary Ferree and Jacob Shultz
Leah Shultz b. 1834
Joseph Shultz b. 1836
John Shultz b. 1838
Amanda Shultz b. 1840
Henry Shultz b. 1842
Levi Shultz b. 1842
Jacob Shultz+ b. 10 Aug 1849, d. 11 Nov 1921


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