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John H. Finley (M)

     John H. Finley married Martha Ann Ruff.


Child of John H. Finley and Martha Ann Ruff
David Wallace Finley+ b. 29 May 1844

Lulu M. Finley (F)
b. 7 June 1874
Pop-up Pedigree

     Lulu M. Finley was born on 7 June 1874 at Springfield, Sarpy Co., Nebraska. She was the daughter of David Wallace Finley and Rosaltha Jane Prugh. Lulu M. Finley married Frances C. Hopkins on 29 January 1893 at Nebraska.


Nevada Estella Finley (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Nevada Estella Finley was the daughter of Franklin Finley and Amelia Dellinger.


Charles Wesley Finnell (M)
b. 8 February 1792, d. 1 September 1878

     Charles Wesley Finnell was born on 8 February 1792. He married Lucinda Hoffman. Charles Wesley Finnell died on 1 September 1878 at age 86.


Child of Charles Wesley Finnell and Lucinda Hoffman
Lucy Finnell+ b. c 1830, d. 12 Jul 1890

Lucy Finnell (F)
b. circa 1830, d. 12 July 1890
Pop-up Pedigree

     Lucy Finnell was born circa 1830. She was the daughter of Charles Wesley Finnell and Lucinda Hoffman. Lucy Finnell married Bailis Perry Hopewell, son of Samuel Hopewell and Elizabeth Cryzer, on 27 July 1847 at Warren Co., Virginia. Lucy Finnell died on 12 July 1890. She was buried in July 1890 at Prospect Hill Cemetery, Warren Co., Virginia.


Children of Lucy Finnell and Bailis Perry Hopewell
George Hopewell b. c 1848
Charles W. Hopewell b. c 1849
Lucy Bell Hopewell+ b. c 1852
Sarah Margaret Hopewell b. c 1854

Roberta Finnell (F)

     She married Daniel Hupp Spengler. From Anderson, Indiana.


Children of Roberta Finnell and Daniel Hupp Spengler
Annie R. Spengler
Moselle Spengler
Maxwell F. Spengler
Edgar A. Spengler
Harry M. Spengler
Samuel W. Spengler
Lizzie L. Spengler

(?) Finnerson1 (M)

     He married Margaret Lowe.


  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

(?) Finney (M)

     He married Isabel Till.


Emile Finney (M)


Ida May Finney (F)

     She married Daniel Webster Lape.

Child of Ida May Finney and Daniel Webster Lape
Thomas Theodore Lape b. 6 Oct 1905, d. 23 Aug 1962

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