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Annie Finnyrock (F)

     Annie Finnyrock married James Wilders.


Child of Annie Finnyrock and James Wilders
Anna Isabelle Wilders+ b. 2 Jul 1911, d. 3 Mar 1988

Edward Finsham (M)

     He married Grace (?).


Child of Edward Finsham and Grace (?)
Margaret Finsham+ b. 27 Apr 1645, d. 3 Mar 1683

Margaret Finsham (F)
b. 27 April 1645, d. 3 March 1683
Pop-up Pedigree

     She was christened at Horningsheath, Suffolk, England, on 27 April 1645. Margaret Finsham was the daughter of Edward Finsham and Grace (?). She married William Clark Taylor at Prestbury, Cheshire, England, on 1 May 1665. She was the mother of immigrant Elizabeth Taylor on 14 August 1682. Margaret died on 3 March 1683 at Chester Co., Pennsylvania, at age 37.


Children of Margaret Finsham and William Clark Taylor
Mary Talyor b. 30 Nov 1667, d. b 1674
Joseph Taylor b. c 1669
Elizabeth Taylor+ b. 3 May 1672, d. Nov 1741
Mary Taylor b. 26 Apr 1674

Nellie B. Firebaugh (F)
b. 30 June 1890, d. 9 September 1985

     Nellie B. Firebaugh was born on 30 June 1890 at Higginsville, Vermilion Co., Illinois. She married Edward C. Martin, son of James Luther Martin and Anna Juliet Stipp, on 17 April 1912 at Jamesburg, Vermilion Co., Illinois. Nellie B. Firebaugh died on 9 September 1985 at Danville, Vermilion Co., Illinois, at age 95. She was buried on 11 September 1985 at Gordon Cemetery, Danville, Vermilion Co., Illinois.


Child of Nellie B. Firebaugh and Edward C. Martin
James Edward Martin b. 4 Dec 1913

Emil Fischbacher (M)
d. circa 1944

     Emil was born at Switzerland. He married Elizabeth Anne Stirdy. Emil died circa 1944 at Scotland.

Elisabetha Fischer (F)

     Elisabetha Fischer married Johann Caspar Diem.


Child of Elisabetha Fischer and Johann Caspar Diem
Maria Diem+ b. 22 Jul 1707

Peter Fischer1 (M)

     He married Maria Abel.



  1. [S11] Oberacker, Herzer.

(?) Fish (M)

     He married Carrie Alice Stipp.


(?) Fish (M)

     He married Elula McBride.


(?) Fish (?)
b. 1824, d. 1824
Pop-up Pedigree

     (?) Fish died in 1824 at Georgia. (?) Fish was born in 1824 at Georgia. (?) Fish was the child of Nathan Fish and Naomi Phillips.


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