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Ellen Foot (F)

     She married William Widick on 12 September 1839.

Ella Jane Forbes (F)
b. 29 June 1864, d. 17 June 1933

     Ella was born on 29 June 1864. She married Thomas Greer Moore at Lincoln Co., Tennessee, on 10 December 1885. Ella died on 17 June 1933 at age 68. Her body was interred in June 1933 at Lincoln Co., Tennessee, at Prosperity Cemetery.


Children of Ella Jane Forbes and Thomas Greer Moore
Margaret Jane Moore+ b. 23 Feb 1887
Morton Cowan Moore+ b. 18 Aug 1888
Art C. Moore+ b. 4 May 1890, d. 2 Apr 1954
Charles Grier Moore+ b. 1 Jun 1892

Tabitha Forbes (F)

     She married Alexander Harbison Sr. at Parke Co., Indiana, on 23 March 1837.


Children of Tabitha Forbes and Alexander Harbison Sr.
Dickson Thomas Harbison+ b. 5 May 1838
Margaret Harbison b. 8 Aug 1839
Arthur Harbison b. 1841
Rachel Harbison b. 1842

Viola May Forbes (F)
b. 14 May 1894

     Viola was born on 14 May 1894. She married Guy Milton Spilman on 15 April 1913.


Child of Viola May Forbes and Guy Milton Spilman
Otis Laverne Spilman+ b. 12 Jan 1914

(?) Ford (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     (?) Ford was the daughter of (?) Ford.


(?) Ford (M)


Children of (?) Ford
Madonna Ford
(?) Ford+

Annie Cordelia Ford (F)

     Annie Cordelia Ford married Beaury Presely Shirey, son of Peter Earlie Shirey and Nancy Magnolia Morris.


Annie Low Ford1 (F)
b. 21 November 1908

     Annie was born on 21 November 1908. She married Frank Dellinger.


Children of Annie Low Ford and Frank Dellinger
William Dellinger b. 25 Oct 1929, d. 26 Sep 1954
Samuel Dellinger+ b. 5 Aug 1942, d. 1968
Dewey Dellinger b. 1 Jun 1945, d. 6 Sep 1961


  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Cora Ford (F)
b. 1867, d. 1945

     Cora Ford was born in 1867. She married Albert Allen Shoults, son of James Shoults and Elizabeth Storms, on 4 December 1884 at Ross Co., Ohio. Cora Ford died in 1945. She was buried in 1945 at Twin Township Cemetery, Twin Twp., Ross Co., Ohio.


Doris Ford1 (F)

     She married Worth Davidson.


  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

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