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(?) Forgione (M)

     (?) Forgione married (?) English, daughter of (?) English and Maria Julia Prugh.


Malinda Forinash (F)

     Malinda Forinash married John G. Hardman.


Child of Malinda Forinash and John G. Hardman
Martha A. Hardman

Mary A. Forman (F)
b. circa 1828

     Mary A. Forman was born circa 1828 at Indiana. She married Felix B. Spangler at Macon Co., Illinois, on 10 August 1847.


Children of Mary A. Forman and Felix B. Spangler
David Spangler
John Spangler
(?) Spangler

Forrest Leland Forney (M)
b. 22 November 1893, d. 6 April 1977

     Forrest was born at Indiana on 22 November 1893. He married Jessie Gustin at Madison Co., Indiana, on 21 February 1913. Forrest Leland Forney died on 6 April 1977 at Anderson, Madison Co., Indiana, at age 83.


Child of Forrest Leland Forney and Jessie Gustin
Margaret Jane Forney+ b. 5 Apr 1914, d. 6 Mar 1981

Margaret Jane Forney1,2 (F)
b. 5 April 1914, d. 6 March 1981
Pop-up Pedigree

     Margaret was born at Madison Co., Indiana, on 5 April 1914. She was the daughter of Forrest Leland Forney and Jessie Gustin. She married Walter Swinford. She married Lloyd Dellinger at New Castle, Henry Co., Indiana, on 29 June 1934. Margaret died on 6 March 1981 at Muncie, Delaware Co., Indiana, at age 66. Her body was interred in March 1981 at Middletown, Henry Co., Indiana, at Miller Cemetery.


Child of Margaret Jane Forney and Walter Swinford
James Robert Swinford b. 12 Jul 1931, d. 3 Jan 1980

Children of Margaret Jane Forney and Lloyd Dellinger
Richard Dean Dellinger+ b. 22 Dec 1934, d. 28 May 1978
David Leland Dellinger b. 1 Jul 1937, d. 22 Nov 1937


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Mary Forney (F)

     Mary Forney married Daniel Stroup, son of Jacob Stroup and Nancy Hambright.


Amy Forrest (F)

     Amy Forrest married David Kinard Waser, son of John Gaebel Waser and Elizabeth Kinard.


Nathan Forrest (M)
b. before 1819
Pop-up Pedigree

     Nathan Forrest was born before 1819 at Frederick Co., Maryland. He was the son of Nelson R. Forrest and Mary Ann Cassell.


Nelson R. Forrest (M)
b. 17 January 1793, d. 15 August 1863

     Nelson R. Forrest was born on 17 January 1793 at Frederick Co., Maryland. He married Mary Ann Cassell, daughter of John Cassell and Maria Magdalena Decker, on 21 March 1826 at Frederick Co., Maryland. Nelson R. Forrest died on 15 August 1863 at age 70. He was buried in August 1863 at Pipe Creek Cemetery, Uniontown, Carroll Co., Maryland.


Child of Nelson R. Forrest and Mary Ann Cassell
Nathan Forrest b. b 1819

Raymond Forrester1 (M)
b. circa 1897

     Raymond was born at North Carolina circa 1897. He married Lucy Viola Dellinger at Russell Co., Virginia, on 2 July 1921.


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