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Gerald Charles Foster (M)
b. 16 August 1902, d. 25 March 1988

     Gerald Charles Foster was born on 16 August 1902. He married Lillian Anna Chesnut, daughter of Charles Absolom Chesnut and Sara Adelia Long, in 1921. Gerald Charles Foster died on 25 March 1988 at age 85.


Child of Gerald Charles Foster and Lillian Anna Chesnut
Gerald Don Foster b. 11 May 1935, d. 25 Jan 1989

Gerald Don Foster (M)
b. 11 May 1935, d. 25 January 1989
Pop-up Pedigree

     Gerald Don Foster was born on 11 May 1935. He was the son of Gerald Charles Foster and Lillian Anna Chesnut. Gerald Don Foster died on 25 January 1989 at age 53.


Hannah Foster (F)
b. 16 November 1815, d. circa 1900
Pop-up Pedigree

     Hannah was born on 16 November 1815. She was the daughter of Daniel Foster. She married Lycurgus Carroll Powell at Stark Co., Ohio, on 20 January 1835. Hannah died circa 1900 at Logansport, Cass Co., Indiana.

Children of Hannah Foster and Lycurgus Carroll Powell
John Thomas Powell+ b. 26 Jan 1835, d. 26 May 1893
Benjamin Franklin Powell b. 23 Jan 1837, d. Feb 1858
Sarah Frances Powell b. 18 Feb 1839
Mary Marilla Powell+ b. 14 Oct 1840, d. 5 Dec 1876
William Leonidas Powell+ b. 20 Jun 1842, d. 1 Oct 1912
Beecher Boydon Powell b. 18 Feb 1844, d. 27 Nov 1911
Reuben Jefferson Powell+ b. 3 Feb 1848
Stebbins Bruce Powell b. 4 Jul 1849
Josiah Hatfield Powell b. 13 Jan 1851, d. 1911
Emma Powell b. 13 Mar 1855, d. 1875

James Clarence Foster (M)
b. 1906, d. 1970

     James Clarence Foster was born in 1906 at West Virginia. He married Magoldie Marianna Lee Lones, daughter of Phillip Dempsey Lonas and Safronia Ellen Walters, in 1934 at Yakima, Yakima Co., Washington. James Clarence Foster died in 1970 at McMinnville, Yamhill Co., Oregon.


James M. Foster Rev. (M)

     He married Laura L. Turner at Monroe Co., Indiana, on 24 September 1878.


Jasper Newton Foster (M)

     Jasper Newton Foster married Iva Jane Dilliner, daughter of Albert Gallatin Dilliner and Catherine Elizabeth Sims, on 25 October 1899.


John Foster (M)

     He married Laura Wilson on 4 June 1896.


John Foster (M)

     He married Elizabeth (?).


Child of John Foster and Elizabeth (?)
Peggy Foster+ b. 1798

John P. Foster (M)

     John P. Foster married Sarah Ann Bright.


John W. Foster (M)

     John W. Foster married Harriet McPhearson.


Child of John W. Foster and Harriet McPhearson
Emma Foster+ b. 21 Mar 1877, d. May 1947

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