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Robert Charles Foster (M)
b. 8 August 1831, d. 13 January 1913

     His body was interred at Bloomington, Monroe Co., Indiana. CENSUS: 1860 Indiana, Monroe Co., Bloomington Twp. lists the following family at family # 237: Robert C. Foster, age 28, male, white, County Auditor, born in Pennsylvania; Agnes E. Foster, age 31, female, white, born in South Carolina. BURIED: Rose Hill Cemetery. Robert was born at Pennsylvania on 8 August 1831. He married Agnes Elizabeth McCalla at Monroe Co., Indiana, on 15 May 1855. Robert died on 13 January 1913 at age 81.

Rosanna Isabell Foster (F)

     She married George Festus Loughmiller at Avoca, Jackson Co., Kansas, on 24 May 1885.

Children of Rosanna Isabell Foster and George Festus Loughmiller
Maude Loughmiller
Florence Loughmiller
Ethel Loughmiller
William A. Loughmiller

Roscoe L. Foster (M)
b. 1903, d. 1976

     Roscoe L. Foster was born in 1903 at Bells Spring, Virginia. He married Elizabeth May Lones, daughter of Phillip Dempsey Lonas and Safronia Ellen Walters, in 1927 at Halfway, Oregon. Roscoe L. Foster died in 1976 at Roseburg, Douglas Co., Oregon.


Sarah J. Foster1 (F)

     Sarah J. Foster married William R. Henderson.1


Child of Sarah J. Foster and William R. Henderson
Zelda Ferne Henderson+ b. 21 Jul 1898, d. 18 Jan 19951


  1. [S157] As Our Tree Branches, online

Uriah Foster (M)


Child of Uriah Foster
Mary Foster+ b. 1770

Vernie Foster1 (F)

     She married Claude T. Carney Sr..


Children of Vernie Foster and Claude T. Carney Sr.
James Earl Carney b. 1943
Kenneth Eugene Carney b. 1944


  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Thomas Foulke (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Thomas Foulke was the son of Foulke Lloyd.


Adam Fouse (M)

     Adam Fouse married Susanna Garner.


Child of Adam Fouse and Susanna Garner
Margaret Fouse+ b. 28 May 1831, d. 12 Sep 1902

Margaret Fouse (F)
b. 28 May 1831, d. 12 September 1902
Pop-up Pedigree

     Margaret Fouse was born on 28 May 1831. She was the daughter of Adam Fouse and Susanna Garner. Margaret Fouse married George A. Nicodemus, son of Jacob A. Nicodemus and Susan Earlenbaugh, on 5 October 1851 at Pennsylvania. Margaret Fouse died on 12 September 1902 at age 71. She was buried in September 1902 at Hartley, O'Brien Co., Iowa.


Children of Margaret Fouse and George A. Nicodemus
Susan Nicodemus b. 15 Feb 1853, d. 12 Nov 1933
Mary Elizabeth Nicodemus b. 4 Oct 1854, d. Feb 1941
Sarah Ann Nicodemus+ b. 21 Nov 1856, d. 22 Mar 1898
Adam F. Nicodemus+ b. 6 May 1858
Barbara S. Nicodemus b. 26 Feb 1861, d. 19 Nov 1861
Edwin Richard Nicodemus+ b. 22 Aug 1863
John H. Nicodemus b. 13 Aug 1866
Isaac C. Nicodemus b. 17 Mar 1869
Margaret Ida Nicodemus b. 15 Jan 1872, d. 4 Jan 1939

Andreas "Andrew" Foust (M)

     Andreas "Andrew" Foust married Magdalena Voltz, daughter of Daniel Voltz and Magdalena Ruby, at Montgomery Co., Ohio.


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