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Simon (?) of Burgundy (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Simon (?) of Burgundy was born. He was the son of Duke of Burgundy Robert I (?) and Helie de Semur-en-Brionnais.


Sophia (?) (F)

     Sophia (?) married Eli Sager.


Child of Sophia (?) and Eli Sager
John Tyler Sager+ b. c 1842, d. 22 Jun 1914

Sophia (?) (F)

     Sophia (?) married Johann Michael Kauffelt, son of Nicolaus Kauffelt and Maria Barbara (?).


Children of Sophia (?) and Johann Michael Kauffelt
Maria Elisabeth Kauffelt b. 9 Jan 1772
Michael Kauffelt b. 7 Mar 1774
Anna Catharina Kauffelt b. 17 Aug 1776
Joh. Jacob Kauffelt b. 25 Sep 1778
Johannes Kauffelt b. 26 Jan 1781
Maria Catharina Kauffelt b. 22 May 1783
Susanna Kauffelt b. 23 Aug 1785
Susanna Kauffelt b. 25 Mar 1787
Helena Kauffelt b. 28 Dec 1790
Daniel Kauffelt b. 14 Jul 1792
Georg Kauffelt b. 1 Jun 1795
Rebecca Kauffelt b. 9 Jun 1797

Sophia (?) (F)

     Sophia (?) married Joseph Foy.


Sophia (?) (F)

     Sophia (?) married Aaron Queen.


Child of Sophia (?) and Aaron Queen
James N. Queen b. Mar 1862, d. 1934

Duchess of Brunswick-Luneburg Sophia Dorothea (?) (F)

     Duchess of Brunswick-Luneburg Sophia Dorothea (?) married King of Britain George Louis Hanover I, son of Duke of Brunswick-Lunen Ernest Augustus Brunswick-Lüneberg and Sophia Wittelsbach, on 21 November 1682 at Celle Castle Chapel, Germany.


Children of Duchess of Brunswick-Luneburg Sophia Dorothea (?) and King of Britain George Louis Hanover I
King of Britain George Augustus Hanover II+ b. 30 Oct 1683, d. 25 Oct 1760
Sophia Dorothea Hanover b. 26 Mar 1687

Sophia E. (?) (F)
b. 19 February 1870, d. 24 February 1951

     Sophia E. (?) was born on 19 February 1870 at York Co., Pennsylvania. She married William H. Fry, son of Daniel Fry and Magdalena Gohn. Sophia E. (?) died on 24 February 1951 at York Co., Pennsylvania, at age 81. She was buried in February 1951 at McPeelah Cemetery, Yorkana, York Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Sophia E. (?) and William H. Fry
Walter H. Fry b. 8 Jan 1895, d. Mar 1976
Beulah S. Fry b. 1902

Sophia L. (?) (F)

     Sophia L. (?) married (?) Swain. Sophia L. (?) married Thomas Finney March, son of Augustus March and Susan Hollinger.


Sprota of Senlis (?) (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Sprota of Senlis (?) was born at Bretagne, Normandy, France. She was the daughter of Count of Senlis Hubert I (?). Sprota of Senlis (?) married William of Normandy (?) I, son of Rollo (?) and Poppa (?).


Children of Sprota of Senlis (?) and William of Normandy (?) I
Raoul D'Ivry
Duke of Normandy Richard I the Fearless of Normandy (?)+ b. 28 Aug 933, d. 20 Nov 996

Stella (?) (F)
b. circa 1886

     Stella (?) was born circa 1886 at Indiana. She married Samuel F. Nicodemus, son of Abraham Nicodemus and Mary A. Weirrick. Stella was listed as Samuel F. Nicodemus's wife on the 1920 Census at Henry Twp., Fulton Co., Indiana.


Children of Stella (?) and Samuel F. Nicodemus
Max Nicodemus b. 25 Jul 1903, d. Oct 1979
Robert L. Nicodemus b. c 1910
Emma L. Nicodemus b. c 1913
May L. Nicodemus b. c 1915
Grace A. Nicodemus b. c Jul 1919

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