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Isaac Frazer (M)

     He married Mary Pearson on 7 July 1774.


Sarah Emma Frazier (F)
b. 27 June 1848, d. 30 March 1908

     Sarah Emma Frazier was born on 27 June 1848. She married William Ambrose Costner, son of Ambrose Costner and Catharine Malinda Quickle, in 1867. Sarah Emma Frazier died on 30 March 1908 at age 59.

William Frazier1,2 (M)

     William Frazier married Shirlene Dellinger, daughter of Barney Bask Dellinger and Nannie B. Hulsey.1,2



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Mary Elizabeth Frecking (F)

     She married Michael Charles Ansberry. Mary died at North Vernon, Jennings Co., Indiana.

(?) Frederick (M)

     He married Mary Ann Shaffer.


Child of (?) Frederick and Mary Ann Shaffer
Mary Madina Frederick+

(?) Frederick (M)

     (?) Frederick married Janie Leisel Dellinger, daughter of George W. Dellinger and Alvaretta Rogers.

Mary Madina Frederick (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary Madina Frederick was the daughter of (?) Frederick and Mary Ann Shaffer. She married (?) Knight.


Child of Mary Madina Frederick and (?) Knight
Mary Ann Knight

Charles Fredericks (M)

     Charles Fredericks married Anna (?).


Child of Charles Fredericks and Anna (?)
Frank Joseph Fredericks+ b. 5 May 1913

Frank Joseph Fredericks (M)
b. 5 May 1913
Pop-up Pedigree

     Frank Joseph Fredericks was born on 5 May 1913. He was the son of Charles Fredericks and Anna (?). Frank Joseph Fredericks married Carlin Lorraine Billet, daughter of Norman Eugene Billet and Annie Lizzie Siller, on 7 June 1930 at York, York Co., Pennsylvania.


Amanda Fredline1 (F)

     She married William Dellinger at Adams Co., Indiana, on 13 December 1874.



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