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Ruth Freeman (F)

     Ruth Freeman married Warren "Hunch" Franklin, son of Charles Warren Franklin and Ethel Barrier.


Samuel Freeman (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Samuel Freeman was the son of John Freeman and Hannah Thornton.


Sarah Freeman (F)

     Sarah Freeman married Joseph Henry Courtney, son of Henry Courtney and Elizabeth Dellinger.


Thomas E. Freeman (M)
b. 1870, d. 1955

     Thomas E. Freeman was born in 1870 at Cumberland Furna, Dickson Co., Tennessee. He married Ollie Blanche Miller, daughter of Augustus Ernest Charles Miller and Elizabeth Jane Goan, in 1900 at Charlotte, Dickson Co., Tennessee. Thomas E. Freeman died in 1955 at Charlotte, Dickson Co., Tennessee.


Donna May Freese1,2,3 (F)
b. 19 May 1920, d. 12 June 1970

     Donna was born at South Bend, St. Joseph Co., Indiana, on 19 May 1920. Donna died on 12 June 1970 at Tipton Co., Indiana, at age 50. Her body was interred on 15 June 1970 at Tipton, Tipton Co., Indiana, at Tipton City Cemetery.


Child of Donna May Freese
Kimberly Kay Hinkle b. 9 Feb 1957


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Christian Freet (M)

     Christian Freet married Esther Foreman.


Child of Christian Freet and Esther Foreman
Martha Ann Freet+ b. 17 May 1832, d. 28 Aug 1890

Martha Ann Freet (F)
b. 17 May 1832, d. 28 August 1890
Pop-up Pedigree

     Martha Ann Freet was born on 17 May 1832 at Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of Christian Freet and Esther Foreman. Martha Ann Freet married Elias Kohler, son of John P. Kohler and Margaret Ickes, on 21 August 1854 at 1st Evangelical Lutheran Church, Carlisle, Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania. Martha Ann Freet died on 28 August 1890 at Fayetteville, Franklin Co., Pennsylvania, at age 58.


Children of Martha Ann Freet and Elias Kohler
John Kohler b. 1854
Anna M. Kohler b. 1856
William A. Kohler b. 22 Oct 1858, d. 30 Apr 1935
Laura Kohler b. 1862
Alice Kohler b. 1864
Emma Kohler b. 1865
Harry Kohler b. 1868
Lillie Kohler b. 1871
Abby Franklin Kohler b. 23 Feb 1874, d. 27 Feb 1881

Anna Margaretha Freidler (F)

     Anna Margaretha Freidler married Andreas Hagenbuch.


Child of Anna Margaretha Freidler and Andreas Hagenbuch
Anna Margaretha Hagenbuch b. 24 Apr 1761, d. 27 Jul 1799

Anne Freiss (F)
b. 30 April 1830

     Anne Freiss was born on 30 April 1830 at Kalhausen, Moselle, Lorraine, France. She married Jean Pierre Zins, son of Nicolas Zins and Marie Eve Gross, on 9 November 1851 at Kalhausen, Moselle, Lorraine, France.


Anne Marie Freiss (F)

     Anne Marie Freiss married André Kremer.


Child of Anne Marie Freiss and André Kremer
Agathe Kremer b. 12 Aug 1828

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