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Amelia Ridgeway Funk (F)
b. 25 November 1889
Pop-up Pedigree

     Amelia Ridgeway Funk was born on 25 November 1889. She was the daughter of Jesse T. Funk and Mary Eleanor Ridgeway. Amelia Ridgeway Funk married John Allen Fox, son of Lemuel Fox and Lucy (?).


Child of Amelia Ridgeway Funk and John Allen Fox
Eleanor B. Fox b. 5 Oct 1925, d. 22 Oct 1925

Anna Maria Funk (F)
b. 15 November 1778, d. 1 May 1859

     Anna was born on 15 November 1778. She married Thomas Spangler. Anna died on 1 May 1859 at age 80. Her body was interred in May 1859 at York, York Co., Pennsylvania, at Prospect Hill Cemetery.


Children of Anna Maria Funk and Thomas Spangler
Thomas Spangler Jr.+
Daniel Spangler+ b. 3 Aug 1798
Jacob Spangler b. 25 Aug 1800, d. 12 Aug 1832
Charles "Carl" Spangler+ b. 11 Oct 1802, d. 19 Jan 1890
John Spangler b. 3 Jan 1805

Elizabeth Funk (F)

     She married Samuel Boehm.


Child of Elizabeth Funk and Samuel Boehm
Mary Boehm+

George Funk (M)

     George Funk married Isabella Branner.


Child of George Funk and Isabella Branner
Jesse T. Funk+ b. 1 May 1843, d. 28 Apr 1916

Jacob Funk (M)

     He married Mary Harbaugh. Lived in Monmouth, Illinois.


Jesse T. Funk (M)
b. 1 May 1843, d. 28 April 1916
Pop-up Pedigree

     Jesse T. Funk was born on 1 May 1843. He was the son of George Funk and Isabella Branner. Jesse T. Funk married Mary Eleanor Ridgeway, daughter of Otho W. Ridgeway and Mary Dellinger, on 31 December 1867 at Warren Co., Virginia. Jesse T. Funk died on 28 April 1916 at age 72.


Child of Jesse T. Funk and Mary Eleanor Ridgeway
Amelia Ridgeway Funk+ b. 25 Nov 1889

Louise Ernestine Henrietta Funk1 (F)

     Louise Ernestine Henrietta Funk married Noble Cunningham.1



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Mary Magdalene Funk (F)

     Mary Magdalene Funk married John Foltz, son of Joseph Foltz and Susanna Oberholtzer.


Child of Mary Magdalene Funk and John Foltz
Anna Catherine Foltz

Vesta Funk (F)

     She married Walter Love Johnson on 6 November 1895.


Children of Vesta Funk and Walter Love Johnson
Anna Johnson
Morgan Johnson

Myrna Louisa Funke (F)
d. 18 February 1990

     Myrna died on 18 February 1990.


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