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Lois Edna Gable (F)
b. April 1931, d. 16 October 1996

     Lois Edna Gable was born in April 1931. She died on 16 October 1996 at age 65.


Mark Martin Gaddis Sr. (M)
b. 9 September 1903

     Mark was born at Hennessey, Kingfisher Co., Oklahoma, on 9 September 1903.


Elizabeth Gaffey (F)
b. 27 April 1827, d. 13 May 1897

     Elizabeth was born at Wearings Point, Ireland, on 27 April 1827. She immigrated in 1847; Came to America in 1847. It is believed that Elizabeth came to America during the Irish potato famine and had to serve as an indentured servant to pay for her voyage, and that she served that servitude with Beezon Baynes. She was census 1850 - free in 1850 at Gwynedd Twp., Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania; Listed with the Beezon Baynes family in the 1850 Pennsylvania census. She married Jackson Davis at Norristown, Pennsylvania, on 2 February 1851. Elizabeth died on 13 May 1897 at Washington Twp., Washington Co., Indiana, at age 70. She was buried in May 1897 at Highland Meeting Cemetery, Washington Twp., Washington Co., Indiana.


Children of Elizabeth Gaffey and Jackson Davis
Mary R. Davis+ b. 3 Dec 1851, d. 11 Apr 1915
John Davis+ b. 10 Oct 1854, d. 31 Aug 1902
William G. Davis b. 23 Dec 1856, d. 14 Jan 1885
Caroline Davis b. 14 Sep 1860, d. 8 Sep 1863
Charles B. Davis b. 1 Jul 1866, d. 3 Dec 1882
Eliza B. Davis b. 14 Aug 1869, d. 28 Apr 1902

Andrew Gage (M)

     He married an unknown person .


Child of Andrew Gage
Martha Gage

George Williamson Gage (M)
b. 14 February 1856, d. 13 February 1921
Pop-up Pedigree

     George Gage was a Judge. George was born on 14 February 1856. He was the son of Robert J. Gage and Martha Williamson. He married Jane Gaston at Chester Co., South Carolina, on 21 December 1881. George died on 13 February 1921 at Chester Co., South Carolina, at age 64.

Children of George Williamson Gage and Jane Gaston
Martha Gage+ b. 1883, d. b 1921
Robert Gage b. 1 Jul 1885

Martha Gage (F)
b. 1883, d. before 1921
Pop-up Pedigree

     Martha was born in 1883. She was the daughter of George Williamson Gage and Jane Gaston. She married (?) Howell circa 1911. Martha died before 1921.

Martha Gage (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Martha Gage was the daughter of Andrew Gage. She married Philip Fairey.


Robert Gage (M)
b. 1 July 1885
Pop-up Pedigree

     Robert was born on 1 July 1885. He was the son of George Williamson Gage and Jane Gaston.

Robert J. Gage (M)

     He married Martha Williamson.

Child of Robert J. Gage and Martha Williamson
George Williamson Gage+ b. 14 Feb 1856, d. 13 Feb 1921

(?) Gahley (M)
d. before June 1880

     (?) Gahley was born at Pennsylvania. He married Angeline Liebhart, daughter of John Liebhart and Catharine (?). (?) Gahley died before June 1880.


Children of (?) Gahley and Angeline Liebhart
Margaret A. Gahley b. c 1871
Catherine M. Gahley b. c 1873
Cordilla Gahley b. c 1877
Theodore Gahley b. c 1878

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