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Susannah (?) (F)

     Susannah (?) married Samuel Dickerson.


Child of Susannah (?) and Samuel Dickerson
Rebecca Dickerson+ b. 26 Nov 1832, d. 13 Dec 1906

Susannah (?) (F)

     Susannah (?) married Isaac Nalley.


Child of Susannah (?) and Isaac Nalley
Lydia Nalley

Sviatoslav of Kiev (?) I (M)
b. circa 942, d. March 972
Pop-up Pedigree

     Sviatoslav of Kiev (?) I married Malusha (?). Sviatoslav of Kiev (?) I was born circa 942. He was the son of Grand Prince of Kiev Igor (?) and Olga of Kiev (?). Sviatoslav of Kiev (?) I died in March 972.


Child of Sviatoslav of Kiev (?) I and Malusha (?)
Grand Prince of Kiev Vladmir I of Kiev (?)+ b. c 958, d. 15 Jul 1015

Swanhilde of Bavaria (?) (F)

     She married Charles Martel King of Franks.


Children of Swanhilde of Bavaria (?) and Charles Martel King of Franks
Grifo (?)
Chiltrud (?)
Auda Aldane Martel+ b. 738

Sybil of Anjou (?) (F)
b. circa 1114
Pop-up Pedigree

     Sybil of Anjou (?) was born circa 1114. She was the daughter of Count of Anjou Fulk V (?) and Ermengard of Maine (?).

Sybilla Christina (?) (F)

     Sybilla Christina (?) married Christopher Schafer.


Child of Sybilla Christina (?) and Christopher Schafer
Henry Schafer b. 12 Mar 1756

Sylvia (?) (F)

     She married Amos Gilbert.

Sylvia L. (?) (F)
b. 16 May 1892, d. 1 June 1963

     Sylvia L. (?) was born on 16 May 1892. She married William C. McKee. Sylvia L. (?) died on 1 June 1963 at age 71. She was buried in June 1963 at Oak Mound Cemetery, Somonauk Twp., DeKalb Co., Illinois.


Tabitha (?) (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Tabitha (?) was the daughter of Jenkin de Weild. She married David Thelwall.


Child of Tabitha (?) and David Thelwall
Simon Thelwal+

Tabitha (?) (F)
b. 1790, d. 3 April 1873

     She married John Powell Capt.. Tabitha was born in 1790. Tabitha died on 3 April 1873.

Children of Tabitha (?) and John Powell Capt.
William Mitchell Powell+ b. 1810, d. 28 Jan 1888
Thomas Powell b. 1812
Mary Powell b. 1814
John Powell b. 1816

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