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Ralph Garrett (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Ralph Garrett was the son of Albert Garrett and Annie Hazel Dodson.


Thomas Garrett1 (M)

     He married Rebecca Vernon.



  1. [S175] Howard William Lloyd, Lloyd Manscripts by Howard William Lloyd, published in 1896..

Viola Waine Garrett (F)
b. 10 June 1933, d. 12 February 1984
Pop-up Pedigree

     Viola Waine Garrett was born on 10 June 1933 at Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co., Virginia. She was the daughter of Gilbert Edgar Garrett and Maude Ermine Dellinger. Viola Waine Garrett married Richard Kenneth Whittaker on 12 December 1953 at Winchester, Frederick Co., Virginia. Viola Waine Garrett died on 12 February 1984 at Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland, at age 50.


William Garrett (M)

     He married Mary Smith in 1709.


William Kenneth Garrett (M)
b. 30 September 1905, d. 13 June 1992
Pop-up Pedigree

     William Kenneth Garrett was born on 30 September 1905. He was the son of Nathan Elsberry "Bud" Garrett and Stella May Dellinger. William Kenneth Garrett married Emma Luella Adams on 19 December 1926. William Kenneth Garrett died on 13 June 1992 at age 86.


Children of William Kenneth Garrett and Emma Luella Adams
(?) Garrett b. 29 Dec 1929, d. 29 Dec 1929
Dorothy Maxine Garrett+ b. 2 Mar 1931, d. 2000

Ellen Garrison1,2 (F)

     Ellen Garrison married Samuel Houston Carter, son of Wiley William Carter and Harriet Reed, on 30 July 1865 at Bell Co., Texas.1

Child of Ellen Garrison and Samuel Houston Carter
Ellen D. Carter b. 5 Sep 18631


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  2. [S165] Ruth Ann Marshall, 10 Jan 2001.

Henry Garrison1 (M)

     He married Martha Rudisill.


  1. [S110] In Memoriam: John Barnett Smith, Alfred Nixon.

Mary Jane Garrison1 (F)

     She married Joseph Lochmiller.

Child of Mary Jane Garrison and Joseph Lochmiller
Mary Jane Lochmiller


  1. [S129] GEDCOM file # 3, Patti Nilssen.

Tressie Garrison (F)

     Tressie Garrison married Walter Dellinger, son of Charles Wellington Dellinger and Emeline Tasley.


Child of Tressie Garrison and Walter Dellinger
(?) Dellinger+

Ida Lou Garrott (F)
b. 1865, d. 1950

     Ida was born in 1865. She married Joseph Lee Rosborough Dr. in 1889. Ida died in 1950.

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