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Nelle George (F)

     She married Chester Graham.


Child of Nelle George and Chester Graham
Rosemary Nelle Graham+ b. 7 May 1922, d. 7 Jul 1971

S.L. George (M)

     S.L. George married (?) Boeckel, daughter of (?) Boeckel and Ellen C. Leik.


Paul E. Geouge1 (M)

     He married Alice May Young.



  1. [S85] 9 October 1987 letter, Kathy Sullivan.

Catherine Gerber (F)

     She married John Strickler.

Children of Catherine Gerber and John Strickler
Jacob Strickler b. 6 Jan 1811, d. 27 Feb 1892
John Strickler b. 9 Jan 1813, d. 17 Apr 1909
Sarah Strickler b. 5 May 1815
Susan Strickler b. 25 Dec 1816
Mary Strickler b. 1 Jun 1817
Catherine Strickler b. 22 Sep 1821, d. 6 May 1855
Elizabeth Strickler b. 26 Aug 1826
David Strickler b. 19 Nov 1826, d. 21 Jul 1906
Leah Strickler b. 23 Jul 1829
Rudolph Strickler b. c 1831

Geneva Gerber (F)

     She married William Alonzo Jennings.


Child of Geneva Gerber and William Alonzo Jennings
Carl Eugene Jennings+ b. 12 Mar 1922, d. 25 Feb 1990

Henry Gerber (M)

     Henry Gerber married Elizabeth Bard, daughter of George Phillip Bard and Anna Margaretha Kitzmiller, on 28 April 1792 at Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania.


Conrad Gerish (M)

     He married Hester Chesnut.

Richard Lucas Gerity (M)
b. 18 September 1887, d. 13 January 1940

     Richard was born at The Dalles, Wasco Co., Oregon, on 18 September 1887. He married Maude Amanda Chastain in 1912. Richard died on 13 January 1940 at The Dalles, Wasco Co., Oregon, at age 52.


John Germain (M)

     He married Hazel Swann.

Bertrand Geroldin (F)

     She married Lazurus Spengler in 1593.


Children of Bertrand Geroldin and Lazurus Spengler
Catherine Spengler d. 1599
Anna Marie Spengler
Margaretha Spengler
Hans Spengler+ b. 1594
Justina Spengler b. 1598
Hieronim Spengler b. 1600
Hans George Spengler b. 1602
Sigmund Spengler b. 1604

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