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Robert W. "Jack" Gerretse1,2 (M)
b. 10 April 1924, d. July 1987

     Robert was born at Illinois on 10 April 1924. He married Mildred Dellinger. Robert died in July 1987 at Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina, at age 63.



  1. [S114] Delllinger - Stroup, Jacqueline Welch Chabot.
  2. [S115] Descendants of Philipp Dellinger, Paul Dellinger & Nard Cloninger.

Howel Gethin (M)


Child of Howel Gethin
Maud (?)+

James Frank Getty (M)
b. 1845

     James was born at Carroll Co., Maryland, in 1845. He married Sarah Virginia Baile at New Windsor, Carroll Co., Maryland, on 1 November 1870.

(?) Gettys (M)

     He married Jennie Lind Young.


Ebenezer Gettys Rev. (M)

     Missionaries to India. He married Mary Margaret Millen on 26 August 1924.


Child of Ebenezer Gettys Rev. and Mary Margaret Millen
Robert Ebenezer Gettys b. 18 Jan 1928, d. 14 Jun 1928

James Robert Gettys (M)

     He married Mattie Roddey.


Child of James Robert Gettys and Mattie Roddey
Mary Matilda Gettys+ b. 23 Mar 1878, d. 19 May 1955

James Wylie Gettys (M)
b. 20 January 1915, d. 26 November 1983

     The Gettys and the Pressly families were members of the ARP church since the 1700s. Before that they were Seceders having broken away from the Church of Scotland in 1733. The Presslys came to America in 1734; the Gettys' prior to 1790. Both were members of Seceder churches. James was born at Rock Hill, York Co., South Carolina, on 20 January 1915. He married Mary Letitia Pressly on 12 June 1939. James died on 26 November 1983 at Catawba, York Co., South Carolina, at age 68.


Mary Matilda Gettys (F)
b. 23 March 1878, d. 19 May 1955
Pop-up Pedigree

     BURIED: Neely's Creek Cemetery. Her body was interred at York Co., South Carolina. Mary was born on 23 March 1878. She was the daughter of James Robert Gettys and Mattie Roddey. She married James Wylie Lesslie on 12 December 1900. Mary died on 19 May 1955 at age 77.

Children of Mary Matilda Gettys and James Wylie Lesslie
Margaret Grier Lesslie b. 3 Nov 1901, d. 13 Dec 1917
Mattie Roddey Lesslie+ b. 23 Sep 1903
Lelia Strong Lesslie+ b. 4 Dec 1904
James Wylie Lesslie Jr.+ b. 28 Jun 1906
Robert W. Lesslie b. 23 Dec 1907, d. 1 Nov 1912
Jimmie Lyle Lesslie+ b. Aug 1909
Mary Gettys Lesslie+ b. 23 Apr 1911
Anna Lesslie+ b. Dec 1913
Roddey Miller Lesslie b. 14 May 1915, d. 3 Jan 1929

Retura Gettys (F)

     Retura Gettys married William H. Fortney.


Child of Retura Gettys and William H. Fortney
Nora B. Fortney+ b. 11 Nov 1894, d. 1 Nov 1966

Robert Ebenezer Gettys (M)
b. 18 January 1928, d. 14 June 1928
Pop-up Pedigree

     Robert was born at Montgomery, India, on 18 January 1928. He was the son of Ebenezer Gettys Rev. and Mary Margaret Millen. Robert died on 14 June 1928 at Dharanala, India, at age 0.

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