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Henry Gilbert1,2 (M)

     He married Rebecca Immenhauser.


Child of Henry Gilbert and Rebecca Immenhauser
Lydia Gilbert+ b. 1857, d. 1946


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Hiram Gilbert (M)
b. 1833

     Hiram Gilbert was born in 1833. He married Elizabeth Dellinger at Knox Co., Indiana, on 8 March 1851. Hiram Gilbert was census 1870 in 1870 at Knox Co., Indiana; Hiram Gilbert is listed as the head of household in the 1870 Knox Co., Indiana census. Listed with the family is Hiram's mother-in-law, Mary Dellinger, age 74.


Children of Hiram Gilbert and Elizabeth Dellinger
John F. Gilbert
William F. Gilbert b. 1853
James Gilbert b. 1855
Delia Gilbert b. 1856, d. 21 Nov 1894
Cordelia Gilbert b. 1857
Mary J. Gilbert b. 1859

Howard Gilbert (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Howard Gilbert was the son of William Elvis Gilbert and Lydia Luella Horner.


Huldah Gilbert (F)
b. 11 October 1831, d. 11 April 1894

     Huldah was born at New York on 11 October 1831. She married George W. Rulon. Huldah died on 11 April 1894 at age 62. Her body was interred at Tipton Co., Indiana, at Pleasant Hill Cemetery.


Children of Huldah Gilbert and George W. Rulon
Anna Eliza Rulon+ b. 10 Jan 1851, d. 10 Apr 1877
Mary Jane Rulon+ b. 27 Jul 1853, d. 29 Mar 1924
Sarah Elizabeth Rulon b. 1 Apr 1856, d. 9 Oct 1866
George W. Rulon Jr.+ b. 4 Sep 1858, d. 23 Jun 1937
Harriett Ellen Rulon+ b. c 1859
Clayton Rulon b. c 1868
Ida Estella Rulon b. c Feb 1870

Ida Gilbert1 (F)

     She married Charles Hughes Kanupp.



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Isaac Gilbert (M)
b. 1802, d. 15 March 1872

     Isaac Gilbert was born in 1802 at Maryland. He married Keziah Fisher. Isaac Gilbert died on 15 March 1872; Montgomery Co, Oh Superior Court Case #7901 (Archives microfilm roll # 299):

"William Gilbert, George M. Gilbert, Lewis Gilbert, Charles H. Gilbert, James Gilbert, Mary M. Baile and Emily Brown aver that they are the children and legal heirs of Isaac Gilbert deceased, that the said Isaac Gilbert died 15 day of March AD 1872 died intestate"; that "by reason of affliction, old age, _____, and illness, the said Isaac Gilbert became weak, and imbecile and was incapable of understanding the extent and value of his property that he did not properly understand the relation which he bore to his wife and his sons and daughters"; that he was "under the control and influence of Mary Gilbert"; "by reason of mental imbecility and undue influence, he was incapable of making a will." Their attorney was George Moyer. The petition was verified by George M. Gilbert. George signed an affidavit which stated that Isaac Gilbert intended to leave his property to his widow for her lifetime and then to his children, but that Mary Gilbert would not have it, and insisted on all the property outright. A jury trial resulted in a verdict that the will was valid. On 11 Nov 1879, the court denied a new trial and ordered that the will was indeed the will of Isaac Gilbert. Insofar as Mary Baile was a party to this lawsuit, she must have still been alive as of 24 July 1876; this seems to conflict with the information in the estate of her brother, John R. Gilbert.
Mary LUDY was 2nd wife of Isaac.
Final settlement of estate of John R. GILBERT (brother to Mary who married Upton BAILE):
Final Settlement of estate filed by Isaac Gilbert on 17 April 1875:
*Emily J. Gilbert No 1 $ 25.85
*William Gilbert No 2 25.85
*Lewis Gilbert No 3 25.85
*Chas H. Gilbert No 4 25.85
*Geo M. Gilbert No 5 25.85
*James Gilbert No 6 25.85
*Lena Baile No 7 13.19
* No 8 13.19
Affidavit of Isaac Gilbert 17 April 1875: Geo M Gilbert No 4, Chas H Gilbert No 5, and James Gilbert No 6 refused to sign receipts and Charles Bail No 8 a minor and has no guardian or authorized person to pay to or receipt for his share.


Child of Isaac Gilbert and Keziah Fisher
Mary Gilbert b. 1833

Jacob Gilbert1,2 (M)

     He married Elizabeth Marr.


Child of Jacob Gilbert and Elizabeth Marr
Minnie Rebecca Gilbert+ b. 1892


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Jacob Gilbert (M)
b. circa 1822

     He married Elizabeth Strickler. Jacob was born at Hellam Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania, circa 1822.

James Gilbert (M)
b. 1855
Pop-up Pedigree

     James Gilbert was born in 1855. He was the son of Hiram Gilbert and Elizabeth Dellinger.


John Gilbert (M)
b. 9 June 1772, d. 15 August 1846

     John Gilbert was born on 9 June 1772. He died on 15 August 1846 at York Co., Pennsylvania, at age 74. He was buried in August 1846 at Canadochly Cemetery, Lower Windsor Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania; John's tombstone reads:

"In memory of John Gilbert, born June 9th, 1772; died August 15th, 1846; aged 74 yrs, 2 mos. & 6 days."


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