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My Family Tree - Person Page 2367

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 2367

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Margaret L. Gillespie (F)
b. 1878

     She married James Knox McDaniel. Margaret was born in 1878.

Child of Margaret L. Gillespie and James Knox McDaniel
Thomas M. McDaniel+ b. 23 Dec 1907, d. 29 Jan 1943

Mary Gillespie (F)

     She married Robert Bowen.


Child of Mary Gillespie and Robert Bowen
Reese Bowen+ b. 1788, d. 2 Oct 1844

Sara Elizabeth Ann Gillespie1 (F)

     She married Rev. William McCandree Duncan.

Child of Sara Elizabeth Ann Gillespie and Rev. William McCandree Duncan
Mary Lavonia Duncan+ b. 19 Jul 1849, d. 4 May 1934


  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

William Gillespie (M)

     He married Mary Emma Moffatt in 1872.


Child of William Gillespie and Mary Emma Moffatt
David Halliday Moffat Gillespie M.D.+ b. 1 Jan 1875

William Hildreth Gillespie (M)
b. 9 September 1912
Pop-up Pedigree

     William Hildreth Gillespie was born on 9 September 1912. He was the son of David Halliday Moffat Gillespie M.D..


Jane Gilliam (F)
b. 30 January 1784, d. 12 September 1866

     She married Philip Phagan. Jane was born on 30 January 1784. Jane died on 12 September 1866 at age 82.

Child of Jane Gilliam and Philip Phagan
John Phagan+ b. 27 Apr 1812, d. 14 Jun 1874

Mary "Polly" Gilliam (F)
b. 2 July 1815, d. 14 August 1867
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary "Polly" Gilliam was born on 2 July 1815 at Wilkins Co., North Carolina. She was the daughter of William Gilliam and Elizabeth Walker. Mary "Polly" Gilliam married Jacob Dellinger before 1840. Mary "Polly" Gilliam died on 14 August 1867 at Nebraska at age 52. She was buried in August 1867 at Stanton, Stanton Co., Nebraska.


Children of Mary "Polly" Gilliam and Jacob Dellinger
Elizabeth Dellinger b. 1840
William Dellinger b. 1842
Catherine Dellinger b. 1845
Mary Dage Dellinger b. 1849
James Andrew Dellinger+ b. 28 Mar 1853, d. 9 Nov 1935

Rebecca Cable Gilliam (F)
b. 13 June 1825, d. August 1906

     Rebecca Cable Gilliam was born on 13 June 1825. She married Johnson Potter, son of John M. Potter II and Molly Stout, on 11 July 1874. Rebecca Cable Gilliam died in August 1906 at age 81.

William Gilliam (M)

     William Gilliam married Elizabeth Walker on 18 December 1810 at Wilkes Co., North Carolina. William Gilliam left a will in 1853 at Wilkes Co., North Carolina; William Gilliam named his daughter Mary in his will.


Child of William Gilliam and Elizabeth Walker
Mary "Polly" Gilliam+ b. 2 Jul 1815, d. 14 Aug 1867

Electa Viloria Gilliespe (F)
b. circa 1860, d. circa 1920

     Electa Viloria Gilliespe was born circa 1860. She married Henry Clay Polley, son of Joseph Lee Polley and Margaret Jane Jackson, circa 1880. Electa Viloria Gilliespe died circa 1920.


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