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William Poling Gohn (M)
b. 28 January 1888
Pop-up Pedigree

     William Poling Gohn was born on 28 January 1888. He was the son of John P. Gohn and Elizabeth J. Dunmyer. William Poling Gohn married Edith R. Zimmerman on 19 December 1916.


William Walter Gohn (M)
b. 29 January 1905, d. January 1982
Pop-up Pedigree

     William Walter Gohn was born on 29 January 1905 at St. Johns, Michigan. He was the son of Horace Miller Gohn and Florence Walter. William Walter Gohn married Geraldine M. Everett on 23 October 1931 at Michigan. William Walter Gohn died in January 1982 at Lake City, Michigan.


Children of William Walter Gohn and Geraldine M. Everett
Richard Lewis Gohn b. 27 Dec 1933, d. b 1977
Donald Walter Gohn+ b. 23 Nov 1937, d. 30 Sep 1977

Velora Goin (F)

     She married Mose Glasgow.


Paul Goins1,2 (M)
b. 4 March 1909, d. 30 March 1954

     Paul was born on 4 March 1909. He married Ruth Faye Dillinger on 6 August 1929. Paul died on 30 March 1954 at age 45.


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Johnel E. Golberg (M)

     He married Constana M. Brown.


Jean Gold (F)

     She married William Chesnut Jr..


Children of Jean Gold and William Chesnut Jr.
Jane Chesnut
John Chesnut
Mary Chesnut
Ann Nancy Chesnut
William Chesnut III
Isabella Chesnut
Elly Chesnut
Sarah Chesnut
Martha Chesnut b. 1778, d. 1851

Mary Gold (F)

     She married William Chesnut III on 26 March 1802.

Caroline Golden1 (F)
b. 31 December 1829, d. 3 February 1911

     Caroline was born on 31 December 1829. She married Michael Spangler. Caroline died on 3 February 1911 at Jackson Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania, at age 81. Her body was interred in February 1911 at Jackson Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania, at Rodes Cemetery.

Children of Caroline Golden and Michael Spangler
Isabella A. Spangler+ b. a 1850
Sarah Lucinda Spangler b. 16 Jan 1853
Emeline A. Spangler b. 18 Mar 1857, d. 8 Sep 1860
Leah Jane Spangler+ b. 27 Oct 1859
Ellanore E. Spangler
Lillie May Spangler b. 6 May 1870


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Hannah Golding1,2,3,4,5 (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Hannah Golding was the daughter of James Golding and Margaret (?). She married Andrew "Fetty" Dellinger at Lincoln Co., North Carolina, on 11 February 1808.


Children of Hannah Golding and Andrew "Fetty" Dellinger
Valentine Dellinger+ b. 1814
Alfred Dellinger+ b. 1 May 1816, d. 1 May 1900
Temperance Dellinger+ b. c 1820, d. c 1873
Michael Dellinger+ b. 1822, d. 1902
Ephrain Dellinger b. c 1825, d. Mar 1880
Margaret Dellinger+ b. c 1825
Jacob D. Dellinger+ b. c 1826, d. 17 Jun 1905
James Dellinger+ b. c 1828
Mary Adaline Dellinger+ b. 1832, d. 1912


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James Golding1 (M)

     He married Margaret (?).

Child of James Golding and Margaret (?)
Hannah Golding+


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