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Sarah Jane Gray (F)
b. March 1857, d. circa 1919

     Sarah Jane Gray was born in March 1857. She married John Polley, son of Joseph Lee Polley and Margaret Jane Jackson, on 16 October 1877 at Monroe Co., Indiana. Sarah Jane Gray died circa 1919.


Children of Sarah Jane Gray and John Polley
Arthur Polley b. c 1880, d. c 1940
Margaret E. Polley b. 13 Apr 1883, d. 14 Jun 1963
Mary Polley b. Feb 1887, d. c 1940
Randolph Polley b. 1892
William S. Polley b. 15 Sep 1895, d. c 1948
Dora Adaline Polley+ b. 1901, d. 3 Jun 1964

Simeon Nimrod Gray (M)
b. 1 May 1844, d. 7 February 1941

     Simeon Nimrod Gray was born on 1 May 1844. He married Rachel Elmira Cuthbertson, daughter of Samuel Tate Cuthbertson and Matilda Dellinger, in 1871. Simeon Nimrod Gray died on 7 February 1941 at age 96. He was buried in February 1941 at Carlisle Cemetery, Nebo, McDowell Co., North Carolina.


Children of Simeon Nimrod Gray and Rachel Elmira Cuthbertson
Ollie Gray
Saphronia Gray
Martha Elmina Cuthbertson Gray
Ephraim Gray
Craggie Lucille "Peggy" Gray
Etta Mae Gray
William Richardson Gray b. 5 Jul 1872
Mary Ann Gray b. 24 Aug 1876
Pleasant Avery Gray+ b. 18 Jan 1885
James C. Gray b. 6 Jun 1888
Joseph H. Gray b. 4 Jun 1890
Fanny Gray b. 3 Apr 1893
Myra Marie Gray b. 3 Feb 1895, d. 24 Apr 1970

Walter Damon Gray (M)
b. 15 April 1902, d. 13 January 1979
Pop-up Pedigree

     Walter Damon Gray married Cozine (?). Walter Damon Gray was born on 15 April 1902 at Topeka, Shawnee Co., Kansas. He was the son of Charles Allen Gray and Georgiana Elizabeth Reep. Walter Damon Gray married Edna Zimmerman on 21 June 1947. Walter Damon Gray died on 13 January 1979 at Cedar Rapids, Linn Co., Iowa, at age 76.


Walter Scott Gray (M)
b. 3 June 1877, d. 1919

     Walter Scott Gray was born on 3 June 1877. He married Georgiana Elizabeth Reep, daughter of Adam Jacob Reep and Harriet Elizabeth Wilson, circa 1910. Walter Scott Gray died in 1919 at Perry Twp., Jefferson Co., Kansas.


Children of Walter Scott Gray and Georgiana Elizabeth Reep
Meryle Marie Gray+ b. 14 Sep 1911, d. 10 Jan 1998
Beryle Elbert Gray b. 14 Sep 1911, d. 31 Jan 1917
Charles Edwin Gray b. 7 Jul 1913, d. 19 Jan 1998
Marian E. Gray b. 1917, d. 1918

William Claywell Gray (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     William Claywell Gray was the son of Pleasant Avery Gray.


William Richardson Gray (M)
b. 5 July 1872
Pop-up Pedigree

     William Richardson Gray was born on 5 July 1872. He was the son of Simeon Nimrod Gray and Rachel Elmira Cuthbertson.


David Graybeal (M)

     David Graybeal married Mary Faw.


Child of David Graybeal and Mary Faw
Juliana Faw Graybeal+ b. 7 Jun 1854, d. 20 Feb 1939

Juliana Faw Graybeal (F)
b. 7 June 1854, d. 20 February 1939
Pop-up Pedigree

     Juliana Faw Graybeal was born on 7 June 1854 at Ash Co., North Carolina. She was the daughter of David Graybeal and Mary Faw. Juliana Faw Graybeal married Granville Richard Chesnut, son of Rev. Benjamin Chesnut and Dorcas Collier, on 24 December 1874 at Laurel Co., Kentucky. Juliana Faw Graybeal died on 20 February 1939 at Des Moines, Polk Co., Iowa, at age 84.


Children of Juliana Faw Graybeal and Granville Richard Chesnut
Mary Dorcas Molly Chesnut b. 3 Jan 1876, d. 17 Nov 1941
Benjamin David Chesnut b. 19 Sep 1877, d. 4 Jan 1920
Clarissa Artemisia Chesnut b. 21 Dec 1882, d. 12 Dec 1971
Dewey Lee Chesnut b. 25 Jan 1898, d. 14 Sep 1972

(?) Graybill (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     (?) Graybill was born. She was the daughter of John H. Graybill and Carrie A. Dellinger. (?) Graybill married Arthur Sipe.


John H. Graybill1 (M)

     He married Carrie A. Dellinger at York, York Co., Pennsylvania, on 11 January 1906.


Child of John H. Graybill and Carrie A. Dellinger
(?) Graybill


  1. [S53] Dellinger - Kattermann, Donald F. Billet.

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