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Sarah Greaves (F)
b. circa 1669

     Sarah was born at Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania, circa 1669. She married Jonathan Wynne at Sussex Co., Pennsylvania, in 1694. Her body was interred on 27 February 1744 at Merion, Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Sarah Greaves and Jonathan Wynne
Thomas Wynne+ b. c 1695, d. 1757
John Wynne+ b. c 1697
Hannah Wynne b. c 1701
Mary Wynne+ b. c 1703
Jonathan Wynne+ b. 1704, d. 17 Apr 1788
Sidney Wynne b. c 1705
Martha Wynne b. c 1707
Elizabeth Wynne b. c 1709

(?) Green (M)

     He married Margery Maude circa 1717.


(?) Green (M)

     He married Roberta `Birdie' Powell.


Child of (?) Green and Roberta `Birdie' Powell
Hobert David Powell+ b. 10 Feb 1918, d. 3 Aug 1993

(?) Green (F)

     She married Albert Wise.

Children of (?) Green and Albert Wise
Dewey Wise
Mamie Wise

Burk Green (M)

     Burk Green married Isabella (?).


Child of Burk Green and Isabella (?)
Delmata Green+ b. c 1868

Charles Green (M)

     Charles Green married Mabel Franklin, daughter of Charles Warren Franklin and Ethel Barrier.


Charles H. Green (M)

     He married Frances Moffat.


Darrell Green (M)

     He married Sarah Poe.


Delmata Green (F)
b. circa 1868
Pop-up Pedigree

     Delmata Green was born circa 1868 at Warren Co., Virginia. She was the daughter of Burk Green and Isabella (?). Delmata Green married Thomas Jackson Mauck, son of William Francis Mauck and Mary Jane Hoffman, on 30 December 1889 at Front Royal, Warren Co., Virginia.


Child of Delmata Green and Thomas Jackson Mauck
William Walter Mauck b. 3 May 1891

Frank Caldwell Green (M)

     He married Frances Ethel Shigley on 4 July 1919.


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