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William Andrew Griffith (M)
b. 4 December 1920, d. 26 February 1978
Pop-up Pedigree

     NOTE: Was called Jack. MILITARY: Jack served in World War II in Italy from 9/12/42 -. William was born at Logan, Hocking Co., Ohio, on 4 December 1920. He was the son of Ernest Uliss Griffith and Rebecca Leotta Woodgeard. William died on 26 February 1978 at Lancaster, Fairfield Co., Ohio, at age 57. His body was interred on 1 March 1978 at Lancaster, Fairfield Co., Ohio, at Floral Hills Memorial Gardens.

William Arthur Griffith (M)
b. 3 June 1910, d. 3 January 1977
Pop-up Pedigree

     NOTE: Was called Art. MILITARY: Fought in World War II. OCCUPATION: After the war worked as a blacksmith at the Dangberg Land NOTE: In June of 1951 Art and Ernestine came back to Ohio. The trip RESIDENCES: They moved to Rockbridge and lived there for 26 years. NOTE: SSAN Card issued in Nevada. William was born at Washington Twp., Hocking Co., Ohio, on 3 June 1910. He was the son of William Ambrose Griffith and Cynthia Ann Mauk. William died on 3 January 1977 at Ohio at age 66. His body was interred in January 1977.

William C. Griffith (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     William C. Griffith was the son of Eliza K. Kauffman.

William Griffith Sir (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     William Griffith Sir was the son of William Griffith Vaughan Sir and Alice Dalton. He married Lady Jane Troutbeck. Sir William Griffith, Knight of Penrhyn Castle, Carnarvonshire, Chamberlain of North Wales, who was "made a knight of the Bath on St. Andrew's Eve, 1489, at the creation of Prince Arthur and his Bayne".


Child of William Griffith Sir and Lady Jane Troutbeck
Sir William Griffith+

Banster Grigg (M)


Child of Banster Grigg and Margaret Dellinger
Valentine Dellinger b. May 1851

Earl Grigg (M)

     Earl Grigg married B. Blanche Dellinger, daughter of Henry Clarence Dellinger and Mary Ella Putnam, before 1930.


Mary Grigg1,2,3 (F)
b. 27 June 1820, d. 30 March 1862

     Mary was born on 27 June 1820. She married Peter Scism. Mary died on 30 March 1862 at age 41.



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Anna Augusta Grigsby1 (F)
b. 15 October 1870, d. 27 August 1911
Pop-up Pedigree

     Anna was born at Stephenson Co., Illinois, on 15 October 1870. She was the daughter of Samuel Grigsby and Elizabeth (?). She married Edward Ames Leibhart at Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska, on 21 January 1892. Anna died on 27 August 1911 at Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska, at age 40.

Children of Anna Augusta Grigsby and Edward Ames Leibhart
William Leibhart b. 18 Sep 1892, d. 6 Feb 1974
Alvie A. Leibhart b. 12 Dec 1900, d. 23 Nov 1959


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Samuel Grigsby (M)

     He married Elizabeth (?).


Child of Samuel Grigsby and Elizabeth (?)
Anna Augusta Grigsby+ b. 15 Oct 1870, d. 27 Aug 1911

Bradley Thomas Grim1 (M)
b. 3 April 1954, d. 4 April 1954
Pop-up Pedigree

     Bradley was born at York Co., Pennsylvania, on 3 April 1954. Bradley died on 4 April 1954 at York Co., Pennsylvania, at age 0. He was the son of Richard Lorin Grim.



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