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James Hagan1 (M)

     He married Marie Williams at Fannin Co., Georgia, on 12 November 1932.



  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Susanna Theresia Hagen (F)
b. 1869, d. 2 September 1929

     Susanna Theresia Hagen was born in 1869 at Germany. She married Frank C. Dellinger at Germany. Susanna was the spouse of Frank C. Dellinger when he immigrated in 1898. Susanna Theresia Hagen died on 2 September 1929 at Richland Co., South Carolina.


Child of Susanna Theresia Hagen and Frank C. Dellinger
Theresa Mary Dellinger+ b. 14 May 1896, d. 25 Mar 1951

Andreas Hagenbuch (M)

     Andreas Hagenbuch married Anna Margaretha Freidler.


Child of Andreas Hagenbuch and Anna Margaretha Freidler
Anna Margaretha Hagenbuch b. 24 Apr 1761, d. 27 Jul 1799

Anna Elizaabeth Hagenbuch (F)

     Anna Elizaabeth Hagenbuch married Johannes Adam Reichelderfer.


Child of Anna Elizaabeth Hagenbuch and Johannes Adam Reichelderfer
Barbara Reichelderfer+ b. 18 Jul 1776, d. 9 Aug 1836

Anna Margaretha Hagenbuch (F)
b. 24 April 1761, d. 27 July 1799
Pop-up Pedigree

     Anna was born at Berks Co., Pennsylvania, on 24 April 1761. She was the daughter of Andreas Hagenbuch and Anna Margaretha Freidler. She married John Henry Spengler at Pennsylvania. Anna died on 27 July 1799 at Berks Co., Pennsylvania, at age 38.


Catherine Hagenbuch (F)
b. 5 September 1798, d. 14 November 1851

     Catherine was born at Alsace Twp., Berks Co., Pennsylvania, on 5 September 1798. She married Jeremiah Spangler at Pennsylvania circa 1809. Catherine died on 14 November 1851 at Pickaway Co., Ohio, at age 53.


Ruth Jane Hagenmaster (F)
b. 21 August 1897

     Ruth Jane Hagenmaster was born on 21 August 1897 at Morganville, Clay Co., Kansas. She married Forrest Dewey McMillan, son of Rutherford Hayes McMillan and Sarah Dellinger.


Rhoda Elizabeth Hager1,2 (F)
b. 12 July 1881, d. 27 November 1944

     Rhoda was born on 12 July 1881. She married Charles Allison Dellinger. Rhoda died on 27 November 1944 at Catawba Springs Twp., Lincoln Co., North Carolina, at age 63. Her body was interred in November 1944 at Mt. Holly, Gaston Co., North Carolina, at Hills Chapel Cemetery.


  1. [S53] Dellinger - Kattermann, Donald F. Billet.
  2. [S114] Delllinger - Stroup, Jacqueline Welch Chabot.

Ellan Hagershorst (F)

     Ellan Hagershorst was born at Germany. She married Henry Berg.


Child of Ellan Hagershorst and Henry Berg
Mary Emma Berg+ b. 4 Nov 1862, d. 19 May 1947

(?) Hagerty (M)

     He married Sarah Zorger.


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