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Joseph Haines1 (M)
b. circa 1759
Pop-up Pedigree

     Joseph was born at Baltimore Co., Maryland, circa 1759. He was the son of Anthony Haines and Susannah (?).



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Joseph Haines (M)
b. circa 1758, d. 9 June 1823

     Joseph Haines was born circa 1758 at Frederick Co., Maryland. He married Rachel Cookston on 29 January 1779 at Frederick Co., Maryland. Joseph Haines died on 9 June 1823 at Frederick Co., Maryland.


Children of Joseph Haines and Rachel Cookston
Nathan Haines+ b. c 1788, d. 3 Feb 1862
Isaac Haines+ b. 19 Jul 1791, d. 21 Jan 1851

Julia Ann Haines1,2 (F)

     She married John Fry.


Child of Julia Ann Haines and John Fry
Rachel Fry+ b. 8 Sep 1828, d. 16 Jan 1897


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Leonard Haines (M)

     He married Barbara Whisenhunt.

Child of Leonard Haines and Barbara Whisenhunt
Margaret Haines+ b. 14 May 1789, d. 9 Feb 1884

Levi Haines (M)
b. March 1823, d. 12 August 1854

     Levi was born in March 1823. He married Deborah O. (?) before 1850. Levi died on 12 August 1854 at Ohio at age 31. His body was interred in August 1854 at Cedarville Twp., Greene Co., Ohio, at North Cemetery. Levi and his wife Deborah share a common tombstone..


Children of Levi Haines and Deborah O. (?)
Allen Haines b. c 1850
William Haines b. c 1851
Emma Haines b. c 1854

Lewis Haines (M)

     Lewis Haines married Henrietta Dellinger, daughter of John Dellinger and Leah Poff.


Children of Lewis Haines
Susan Haines
Maggie Haines

Maggie Haines (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Maggie Haines was the daughter of Lewis Haines. Maggie Haines married (?) Kreidler.


Margaret Haines1,2,3,4,5 (F)
b. 14 May 1789, d. 9 February 1884
Pop-up Pedigree

     Margaret was born on 14 May 1789. She was the daughter of Leonard Haines and Barbara Whisenhunt. She married Peter Dellinger at Lincoln Co., North Carolina, on 27 October 1807. Margaret died on 9 February 1884 at age 94. Her body was interred in February 1884 at Cherryville, Gaston Co., North Carolina, at Mt. Zion Baptist Church Cemetery.


Children of Margaret Haines and Peter Dellinger
George Dellinger+ b. 1 Nov 1808, d. 11 Aug 1894
Sarah Dellinger+ b. 10 Jul 1811, d. 10 Oct 1857
Mary "Polly" Dellinger+ b. 9 May 1813
Daniel Haines Dellinger+ b. 18 Sep 1816, d. 4 Jul 1909
Mary Anna Dellinger b. 15 Jan 1819, d. 2 Feb 1895
Rosannah Harriet Dellinger b. 19 Nov 1822, d. 19 Sep 1902
Margaret Sophia Dellinger+ b. 9 May 1825
Barbara Adeline Dellinger+ b. 19 May 1828, d. 21 Jun 1926


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Mary Haines1 (F)
b. 1774
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary was born in 1774. She was the daughter of Michael Haines and Sarah Downey. Her body was interred at Marston, Carroll Co., Maryland, at Haines Family Cemetery.


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Mary Haines (F)
b. 25 December 1802, d. 3 September 1862

     Mary Haines was born on 25 December 1802 at Frederick Co., Maryland. She married Isaac Haines at Frederick Co., Maryland, circa 8 April 1823. Mary Haines died on 3 September 1862 at Carroll Co., Maryland, at age 59.


Children of Mary Haines and Isaac Haines
Eliza Ann Haines+ b. 4 Feb 1824, d. 13 Nov 1850
Mary Jane Haines b. c 6 Jun 1827, d. 12 Sep 1850

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